Zaragoza starts test field for unmanned city aircraft


Zaragoza starts a test field for unmanned city aircraft

This is the first European city considering trying this type of mobility

In late March, Zaragoza officials unveiled the first urban area in Europe devoted to experimenting with drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles, as a sign of the growing interest in this type of mobility in the continent’s urban context.

The Hera Drone Hub, the space reserved for this initiative, is located in the south car park of the Expo next to the AVE high-speed train station. It is also located in the CTR area – the airport security area.

The Drone Hub is equipped with an unmanned traffic management platform

The airspace is used for tests, experiments and training in the operation of unmanned aircraft. This was motivated by the alleged imminent integration of this type of aircraft into urban airspace and the future redesign of the single European sky.

“”Zaragoza wants to be the European reference city for advanced mobility. The mobility of the future will be networked and autonomous, land and air. That is why we have worked in the City Council’s public services to make Zaragoza a reference in this sector. We feel strongly committed to the future and the future is already here in the form of urban air mobility.“said the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, on this occasion.

Operators and manufacturers of such aircraft can apply to use the space for tests and demonstration flights Hera Drone Hubs website. It is available every day except Wednesdays and Sundays.

Four demonstration flights were also carried out at the event. This was the work of four operators: three local and one Chinese. One of the local participants was the local police who ran a simulation using a Mavic Enterprise Dual drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera, speaker and LED lamp that were necessary to conduct security surveillance. Two of the operators develop aircraft for the logistics sector.


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