Zaragoza kidnapping victim leads kidnapper to police station


In an unusual incident, possibly linked to a dispute between rival gangs, a kidnapping victim in Zaragoza managed to lead his kidnappers to the police station, where they were arrested.
A young man who entered the DNI office at a Zaragoza police station on Friday January 28 reported being kidnapped for days and under blackmail and threats from the person who had accompanied him to the office and two others waiting was blackmailed outside. The kidnappers were two men, one of whom was a minor, and a woman.
The victim led his captors to believe that his identity card was being held at the police station and that he had to come and collect it.
The kidnapper was arrested immediately, as were the other two shortly thereafter as soon as they entered the DNI office.
The alleged kidnappers did not resist their arrest. The doors were then locked to prevent other people who wanted to renew their identity documents from entering.
The criminals could be linked to the Latin American gang Black Panthers, rivals of Dominicans Don’t Play. The gangs have recently been involved in brutal fighting in Zaragoza and are often embroiled in disputes over drug trafficking, which lead to violence.
The incident happened around 11:00 a.m. The victim managed to escape from the kidnapper who was with him and, according to reports, approached one of the police officers El Periódico de Aragon. He urgently asked for immediate help and told the officer that he had been kidnapped a few days before and they were threatening and blackmailing him.
The policeman then alerted his colleagues, who immediately arrested the three perpetrators, two Spanish adults and a Romanian minor. investigations of Aragonese Police indicate that the kidnapping was related to a dispute between the aforementioned Latin American gangs over drug trafficking debt.
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