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Updated on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 4:07 pm

The premiums in the IBI, IAE and ICIO are based on the investments and the jobs created

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With the aim of making Zaragoza “a competitive city and creating jobs”, the city council of the Aragonese capital, ruled by PP-Cs, has the Tax plan for attracting investmentwho, in his opinion, is a “pioneer” in Spain.

He’s going through it Discounts on three taxes that “have a strong corporate tax impact”: the real estate tax (IBI), business tax (IAE) and the construction, plant and works tax (ICIUS).

The above plan is aimed at new companies installed in the municipality of Zaragoza and consider a Discount of up to 95% for five years depending on the employment promotion and investment volume.

When calculating the discount, the following sections are taken into account: if they are generated from 20 to 49 workplaces, they will a. to have at least 30% bonusand a maximum of 49%; from 50 to 99 employees, 50% and 74%, or; from 100 to 199 jobs, 75% and 94%; and when they are created 200 seats or more, a 95% incentive.

If the new companies are set up on public land, the maximum allowable reduction in the relevant section will be applied, according to the council.

In addition, the reduction corresponds to the first three tranches can be increased by 1% per million euro investment accredited.

In order to receive the bonus, the properties in which the new companies are located must obtain the Declaration of Special Interest or the municipal utility from the parish plenum.

These measures have been included in the draft Tax ordinances drawn up by the Zaragoza City Council for 2022which reflects his commitment to “cutting taxes, boosting job creation and making Zaragoza a business magnet”.

the Municipal CFO, Mara Navarro, has highlighted that these incentives for attracting new businesses are part of a broader plan to contain and reduce tax pressures.

So the government team has decided Lower the IBI to 0.4087, 0.87% lesswhich means the city council is stopping Collect 1,116,900 euros.

According to municipal sources, Zaragoza is the municipality with the lowest general IBI rate among Spain’s ten major provincial capitals, averaging 0.5642.

Annually the consistory turns the tribute by more than 521,000 documents who have an income of more than 158 million euros.

The IBI bonus for large families remains under the same conditions as in previous years, Reduction of income between 60 and 70%, depending on the category of each family.

According to the criteria of

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