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White paper published on Trina Tracker’s performance in the field

Published on September 8, 2021

SINGAPORE: TrinaTracker, a leading tracker manufacturer and a business unit of Trina Solar, has published an industry whitepaper to demonstrate the performance of its spherical plain bearings, which feature a unique three-dimensional design that is internationally patented.

The white paper outlines the benefits of designing the spherical plain bearing and shows the results of rigorous testing to highlight its long-term reliability outdoors.

The tests show that the TrinaTracker spherical plain bearings have clear advantages over conventional cylinder bearings.

TrinaTracker has always been a leader in technology and innovation in the solar industry and creates significant added value for solar park operators.

The company’s trackers can be used in a variety of terrain. The design of the trackers eliminates the risk of misalignment and additional forces that create additional friction.

In addition, the assembly of spherical plain bearings reduces assembly times and costs.

The report highlights how the company’s trackers have performed in the field for more than 10 years. Its trackers now account for more than 6 GW of solar capacity worldwide.

A notable example of the long-term reliability and efficiency of the product is the 11 MW Zuera power plant on the outskirts of the city of Zaragoza in northern Spain. The first TrinaTracker spherical bearings were installed here in 2008.

Jason Duan, Head of the Tracker Business Unit at Trina Solar, says, “TrinaTracker’s patented three-dimensional spherical bearing, unique to our Agile 1P and Vanguard 2P series, fulfills the company’s goal of increasing our customers’ ROI by reducing system costs and reliability throughout the project lifecycle. TrinaTracker spherical plain bearings have not reported any errors since they were first installed more than a decade ago. ”


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