What to know about the backstory of each Woodstone Mansion’s Spirit


ghosts on CBS continues to grow in popularity, with TV viewers around the world looking forward to new episodes every week. A big part of the show’s draw is that there is a variety of personalities in the cast. Especially among the spooky characters of Woodstone Mansion, each of whom has an extremely interesting backstory.

Trade the undead for the mostly dead ones, ghosts Stars Rose McIver as Samantha, a woman who inherits a large New York estate and settles it with her husband Jay – played by Utkarsh Ambudkar (The Mindy Project) – to convert the species into a bed and breakfast. But unbeknownst to our unsuspecting couple, the house is being haunted by a group of ghosts that are much friendlier than scary. Together, the whole gang find themselves in some hilarious situations that also show that these apparitions are more heart than haunted.

ghosts is based on a BCC series of the same name and is produced by Trent O’Donnell. In addition to McIver and Ambudkar, the series also stars Asher Grodman, Danielle Pinnock, Brandon Scott Jones, Sheila Carrasco, Román Zaragoza, Rebecca Wisocky, Devan Chandler Long and Richie Moriarty. Scroll down to learn more about the quirky spirits!

Thorfinn played by Devan Chandler Long

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Thorfinn is the oldest of the spirits. He is a Viking left behind by his crew about 1000 years ago. He was killed by lightning on the Woodstone property long before the mansion was built. Interestingly, the lightning from the sky that took his life left his mind with the ability to manipulate electricity.

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Sasappis, played by Román Zaragoza

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Sasappis was the next spirit to inhabit the Woodstone estate and is about 500 years younger than Thorfinn. He is Lenape, an indigenous people of the Northeastern Woodlands who live in the United States and Canada. We know that Sasappis died in the 15th century, but he has yet to reveal exactly how his death came about.

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Captain Isaac Higgintoot played by Brandon Scott Jones

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Isaac is an American Revolutionary officer who died of dysentery. His death came two weeks after the siege of Fort Ticonderoga. Isaac has been a closed gay man in both life and death, but recently he’s felt more comfortable and confident in expressing his authentic self.

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Hetty Woodstone played by Rebecca Wisock

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Hetty is the lady of the manor and the original owner of the Woodstone estate. She has a family connection to Sam, being Sam’s fourth great-grandmother. During his lifetime, Hetty was married to Elias (played by Matt Walsh), a robber baron. Like Sasappis, Hetty’s death currently remains a mystery.

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Alberta Haynes played by Danielle Pinnock

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Alberta is a no-nonsense Prohibition-era jazz singer who’s a sheer diva. She died after drinking poisoned moonshine. Not all Woodstone spirits have special powers, but Alberta does… Their humming can be heard by the living, and it can even be heard by Alexa devices.

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Blume, played by Sheila Carrasco

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Flower is a hippie who often has his head in the clouds but always has a lot of love in his heart. Her real name is Susan Montero and she died trying to befriend a wild bear. Flower has the ability to put a living person into a trance when walking through them, mimicking the effects of marijuana.

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Pete Martino played by Richie Moriarty

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Pete was a leader of the Pinecone Troopers who died in 1985. His cause of death was an arrow through the neck fired by one of his scouts. The arrow remains in Pete’s throat in its ghostly state. in the ghosts In Season 1 Episode 6 we learn that after Pete’s death, his wife married his best friend, with whom she had a secret love affair during Pete’s lifetime. It is also revealed that Pete’s daughter named her son after him.

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Trevor Lefkowitz played by Asher Grodman

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Finally, we come to Trevor, the latest leading man to die at Woodstone Manor. Trevor was a wealthy Wall Street trader who died in 2000. After partying too hard with some of his broker buddies, Trevor suffered a drug-induced heart attack. Sadly, Trevor died without wearing pants, so now he’s forever cursed to be the Winnie the Pooh of the group. Unlike the other spirits, Trevor has the ability to interact with the physical world in small ways, but only if he focuses very hard.

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Crash played by Hudson Thames

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Crash is a James Dean-style greaser who died at Woodstone Mansion in the 1950s. His cause of death? A rather unspectacular beheading. Crash’s body only made three appearances in total ghosts Season 1, and his head is still missing. Remarkably, Crash’s story could still unfold, showrunners Joe Wiseman and Jow Port previously teased to PopCulture.com. “We’re going to talk about that now. We’re talking a story to explain where he’s been,” Port said, smiling.

ghosts returns on CBS September 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET and is available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. Those interested in seeing all that Paramount+ has to offer can click here for a free streaming deal.



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