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🚩 Minimum. 43: corner kick for the palms. It starts without consequences.


minute 26: The yellow ones are much better on the pitch. If anyone deserves the goal, it’s Pimienta’s men who are pressurizing Málaga and dangerously approaching the area. No news from Rubén Castro at the moment. Keep it up.

Minute 24: right hand from outside the box Alvaro Jimenez that hits the right square by Reina.


👏 minute 20: Detail of Malaga fans with Kirian Rodriguezwho applaud in the 20th minute of the game.


Minimum. 17: Clear chance for the yellow. Internship and auction of Moleiro that stops queen.


Minute 13: The game goes back and forth.


🔃 minute 10: Compulsory conversion in Malaga: enter Ramalho and out Burgoshurt.


minute 8: Saúl Coco fired after a corner that went over the goal.

Minute 5: Málaga also tried the first internment of Rubén Castro, who was looking for a pass that cut through the yellow defence.

Minute 3: First arrival with some danger from UD on the right wing that ends with a lack Oscar Pinchi.

minute 01: The meeting starts in La Rosaleda!


Everything is ready to start the game!


👨‍⚖️ Francisco Hernandez teacher, from the Extremadura Committee, will be in charge of ensuring justice in the duel between the people of Malaga and Gran Canaria. At his side, in the VAR will be Daniel Or with root.


📊 In the absence of Málaga-Las Palmas (9:00 p.m.) and Ponferradina-Ibiza (start at 7:00 p.m.) you can check the results of day 2 and the classification here:


🎥 The companions of UDTV They show us those too Sandro’s first words as a UD player


🎥 There is already movement on the lawn The rose garden


📺 In addition to following live on our website, here we tell you where to watch the game on the different TV platforms…


✍️ Do you remember what happened last season? That’s what he said in his chronicle Kevin Fontecha from Malaga countries:


⚠️ Garcia PepperThe yellow coach also warned of Rubén Castro’s danger before the game. You can read it in the information from Kevin Fontecha:


⚠️ The biggest threat to UD Las Palmas today in Málaga has a first and last name from Gran Canaria: Ruben Castro. tells you Peter Garcia on the sports pages of CANARIAS7:

Rubén Castro, the fool’s son

Canary Islands721 years ago he made his debut with the Las Palmas jersey at La Rosaleda in Malaga. Historic goalscorer surpassed only by Messi, Ronaldo, Quini and Zarra


⚽ The Malaga also has a starting eleven!


📰 Some news from the UD Las Palmas outside of today’s session. CANARY ISLANDS7 informs you that the agreement has already been concluded Sandro with the yellow ones, oddly enough a former player, including from Malaga.


✍️ That’s how he told us Peter Garcia in his chronicle that first game of the yellow against Zaragoza.

UD, between the missing goal and the VAR

Canary Islands7The team had good chances, although Valles saved. The referee annulled a penalty awarded after consulting the monitor


Good day again! We start the direct game between the UD Las Palmas and Malagawhere the yellow ones will look (from the 9.00) his first victory of the course after that Tie (0-0) against Zaragoza at the Gran Canaria stadium.


Buenas tardes! tonight at 9.00 begins the duel between the UD Las Palmas and Malaga in La Rosaleda. Those of García Pimienta are doing everything possible to demonstrate the value of the new project on a day when The club celebrates 73 years of history.
Since CANARIAS7.es can follow live the narrative of the party minute by minutewith information on the line-ups, the atmosphere at La Rosaleda, dressing rooms, photos, videos and much more.

What they want Viera and Rubén Castro
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What they want Viera and Rubén Castro
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What they want Viera and Rubén Castro
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