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Although most companies consume between 15,000 and 25,000 kWh of energy per year, the average energy consumption and the average energy costs differ depending on the company size and energy use.

Energy experts for companies, Bionics have researched what companies of different sizes can expect in terms of the costs of their energy tariffs as well as the average energy consumption per year.

How much energy does the average company use?

All companies have different energy requirements – even if two companies seem identical at first glance, they are operated from different premises that have different heating, lighting and energy efficiency systems, all of which can affect the amount of energy you use.

Even different opening times and employees with different energy consumption habits can affect energy consumption.

Energy consumption is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) and to give you an idea of ​​how much energy a company like yours should consume, the number crunchers at Bionic have put together the following data on average kWh consumption for small and medium-sized companies.

What is the average gas consumption for companies?

Knowing how much energy other businesses your size are using is a great way to understand if your business is using too much. As with business electricity, your business gas consumption will depend on the size of your business and how you supply it with electricity.

The following table shows the average business gas consumption, sorted by company size.

Company size

Average gas consumption (kWh per year)

Micro business


Small business


Medium business


What is the average electricity consumption for UK businesses?

To give you an idea of ​​how much electricity your company should be consuming, here are the average electricity consumption values ​​by company size and needs.

Company size

Low-end consumption (kWh)

High-end consumption (kWh)

Micro business



Small business



Medium business



If your company uses more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year, you will be classified as a large company by the suppliers and your delivery will be handled differently. To learn more, read our guide to energy for large businesses and call our tech-savvy energy experts on 0800 077 3701.

What is a company’s average electricity bill?

Your company’s energy bill depends on how much gas and electricity you use in your business premises.

The cost of your bills is also affected by the type of your tariff, and while your energy bill for your business is made up of a number of costs, including VAT and government levies, there are two numbers to look out for:

Cost per unit – Measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), this is the amount you pay for each unit of gas or electricity consumed.

Basic charge – This is a daily flat rate to cover the energy costs for your property and is billed regardless of whether you use gas or electricity.

If you want to reduce the cost of your business energy bills, you should choose a tariff with a lower unit price and lower base charges than the current tariff, but you may be able to change your bills. cut the cost of just cutting one of these fees.

The type of contract you have also affects the cost of your business energy bills, and while there are a number of commercial tariffs, simply choosing between a fixed tariff and a variable tariff can make a significant difference.

With a variable tariff energy contract, unit costs fluctuate based on the current market cost of energy – as prices go up, so do your energy bills, even if you use the same amount of gas and electricity every month.

When you sign up for a fixed price contract, this means that the unit price is fixed and you pay a flat rate for every unit of energy consumed. Fixed price offers are an effective way to protect yourself from price hikes when energy prices rise, and can also make budgeting a little easier, but your bills will still fluctuate based on usage.

What is an average business gas bill?

To give you an idea of ​​how much you should be paying for business gas, here are the average business gas bills by company size.

Company size

Average business gas bill (per year)

Micro business

£ 530

Small business

€ 1,150

Medium business

€ 1,860

What are the average operating gas prices per kWh?

If you want to keep your energy bills under control, it can also be helpful to know the average business gas prices per kWh. Here are more insights from Bionics’ countless energy experts:

Company size

Average price (per kWh)

Basic fee (daily)

Micro business

3.9p – 4.5p

25.0p – 37.0p

Small business

3.8p – 4.5p

25.0p – 45.0p

Medium business

3.4p – 4.2p

25.0p – 61.0p

What is the Average Business Utility Bill?

To give you an idea of ​​what your utility bill should be for your business, here are the average utility bills by business size.

Company size

Average Business Electricity Bill (Per Year)

Micro business

€ 1,834

Small business

€ 3,468

Medium business

€ 6,705

What are the average electricity prices for companies per kWh?

If you want to keep track of your energy bills, it can also be helpful to know the average business electricity prices per kWh. Here are more insights from Bionics’ countless energy experts:

Company size

Average price (per kWh)

Basic fee (daily)

Micro business

16.6p – 18.0p

25.0p – 32.5p

Small business

16.2p – 17.7p

25.0p – 34.5p

Medium business

16.0p – 17.0p

25.0p – 33.8p

What are the average electricity tariffs for companies by type of company?

If you’ve never changed business stream, you’re not getting on your supplier’s most competitive tariffs and will definitely be overpaying for energy. If you are in this position, it can be helpful to compare the tariffs you are currently paying with the average tariffs of other companies in your industry.

For example, if you run a restaurant, ask how much energy the average restaurant uses per year and compare the cost to the tariffs you pay to see immediately how much you can save by switching provider.

Company type

Unit price (per kWh)

Basic fee (daily)

costs per year

Coffee shop



€ 2,109




€ 2,182

Small farm



€ 2,218

Dental surgery



€ 2,176



25.46 p

€ 3,067




1,830 €

This is how you reduce your energy costs for your company

Reducing gas and electricity usage is obviously the most effective way to lower your energy bills for your business, but arguably the fastest and easiest way to lower your bills is to switch to a cheaper tariff.

If you don’t close a new deal before your current deal expires, your supplier will put you on the more expensive tariffs. The only way to make sure you never pay more than you need for energy is to keep track of your renewal dates and switch at the right time. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, don’t worry – we can do anything for you and take care of renewals so you never pay too much for energy again.

Once you have a new contract, you can save even more money by reducing your energy consumption and making your business more energy efficient.

This is how you reduce the energy consumption of your company

Managing and improving your company’s energy efficiency will help reduce energy consumption. There are various ways of doing this, such as:

Carrying out an energy audit

  • Use energy-efficient lighting

  • Use of energy efficient computers

  • Encourage your employees to go green

  • Installation of power generation technology

While the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures depends on the nature of your business and the measures you take, even small changes can make a big difference.


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