Vision Ridge Partners is investing $ 100 million in landfill RNG company


Vision Ridge Partners, a sustainable assets investor, has committed $ 100 million to help found and grow Vision RNG.

Vision RNG is a full-service developer and operator of landfill gas infrastructure to capture the gas and convert it into sustainable RNG.

The company will work with landfill owners to develop, design, build, own and operate technologies that convert landfill gas to RNG. In doing so, the company will provide solutions to landfills previously considered too small for viable projects and create a new sustainable source of energy for consumers.

Vision RNG currently manages projects under development in Virginia and Missouri and is expected to start operations in the fourth quarter of 2022. The company is led by CEO Bill Johnson, who previously served as CEO of ShalePro Energy Services.

“Landfill gas has long been a challenge for landfill owners, the surrounding communities and the environment,” said Johnson.

“Vision RNG is determined to be part of the solution by developing projects that safely convert waste emissions into projects that are not only marketable but also environmentally friendly. We are grateful for the support of Vision Ridge, who shares our mission to make a positive impact on the environment, and look forward to a strong partnership as we grow our business. “

Reuben Munger, Managing Partner of Vision Ridge added, “Bill and his Vision RNG team are ideal partners for Vision Ridge as they are committed to transforming assets to unlock environmental benefits.

“Her in-depth energy infrastructure and operational experience enables her to identify landfill gas locations, meet permit and compliance requirements, and develop on-site and off-site infrastructures to create renewable energy for society and value for our investors. “


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