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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Unforgotten Season 4 Episode 3.]

“You never know what someone is capable of.”

That statement could be the subject of. be Unforgotten‘s gripping third episode, which debuted on PBS on Sunday, July 25th. It is voiced by Dean Barton (Andy Nyman), one of four living suspects in the 30-year “historic murder” of a young man whose body was hidden in a freezer.

It refers to Robert Fogerty, the recently deceased man who kept Matthew Walsh’s body for decades. Fogerty, like Dean, had just graduated from Police College in 1990, the night Walsh went missing. They were in the same car with three other new recruits when a police officer stopped it and accused Fogerty of being drunk driving.

In this hour that like every episode of Unforgotten, manages to be both fast-paced and in-depth, lead detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan (Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar) finally meet the men and women they think they know about or were involved in about Walsh’s death . Despite the suspects’ law enforcement training, they show little consideration for the truth in their interviews.

Cassie has 48 hours to handle the case, which isn’t much. The police are unaware of Walsh’s cause of death, and they have not found his head or hands that were not with the rest of his body.

The first suspect she questions is also a senior official. Liz (Susan Lynch), who has received a tip that she is being offered the job of chief constable for which she was interviewed, knows the tricks of police interrogation. “I’m not saying it didn’t happen,” she explains to Cassie when asked about what happened the night Walsh disappeared. “I just don’t remember that 30 years later.”

Even if Cassie looks a bit restless during her first interview after a long absence, the passive aggression between the two flows across the screen in waves.

Liz White (Courtesy Mainstreet Pictures LTD)

Meanwhile, Sunny visits Fiona (Liz White), whose career as a police officer was short. She admits she only joined the troupe to please her father, who wanted his daughter to follow in his footsteps. “Dad always said the day I qualified was the happiest day of his life,” she explains emotionally.

Fiona at least has a convenient excuse for her memory lapse – a past full of alcohol abuse – but we see a brief flash of memory in which she appears to be having sex with someone. And later, she fears the bank will withdraw the mortgage on the house she and her partner are buying if her criminal conviction comes out. For what we don’t know yet.

Dean delivers an emotional speech at a fundraiser for a charity named in honor of his son Jack. “He taught me to look for joy in the most unexpected places,” Dean tells wealthy patrons. “He made it possible for me to find an ease with the world that I would never have thought possible.”

But the next day when Cassie interviews him, Dean also has a flashback to a violent incident in which someone was badly beaten. Talk about never knowing what someone is capable of! Dean at least admits he remembers Fogerty, but not much else about the night in question. He also had the shortest law enforcement career in the Quartet, lasting only a few weeks on the job.

We also see two very different sides to Ram (Phaldut Sharma), the other senior policeman in the group. He gets to the heart of the sexual misconduct case against him by recording his accuser with a racial slur – when he tries to bribe her! But later, after Ram’s wife admits that she doesn’t believe she is raising a Down syndrome baby, he confesses that he doesn’t want to end a life “because it wasn’t the perfect idea. Everything has a crack … that’s how the light comes in. “

Based on what we’ve seen of him so far, who would have thought Ram capable of such compassion? He definitely doesn’t have one for Sunny if the detective wants to question him about that notorious night. After initially trying to connect with Sunny because of her Asian origins, Ram refused to speak to him, even taunting him as “coconut”.

Nicola Walker Sanjeev Bhaskar Cassie Sunny Unforgotten

Nicola Walker (Courtesy Mainstreet Pictures LTD)

But it looks like our suspects, who have gone their separate ways since their police days, are making plans to meet. Fiona approaches a nervous Liz, who agrees to talk to her in secret. Ram uses a payphone (remember that?) To call someone.

Cassie’s father Martin (Peter Egan) also shows that he is capable of being kind on good days. As he goes out for a drink with grandson Adam (Jassa Ahluwalia), he explains why he wants to leave his money to his girlfriend and not to his grandchildren: she has no savings of her own and will be the one to take care of him while his dementia worsens . Adam understands, but will Cassie?

And when we talk about Cassie and her team, they finally have some evidence, thanks to a few underutilized minor actors (the actors as well as the detectives they portray). Fran (Carolina Main) found a witness who remembers seeing two men chasing Walsh on the night in question. One was Asian, the other very tall.

However, the heroic achievement of the week goes to Fran’s colleague Jake Collier (Lewis Reeves), who manages to track down Fogerty’s camp – and find the missing parts of Walsh in it!

Was one of your four suspects capable of murder 30 years ago? Were they all? Three more episodes and we have an answer!

Unforgotten, Sundays, 9 / 8c, PBS (check local entries on pbs.org)


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