Ukraine grants EUR 300 million in EU loans to increase the energy efficiency of public buildings



A loan of € 300 million (£ 273 million) was made by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to increase the energy efficiency of public buildings in Ukraine.

The EIB has signed an agreement with the Ministry for the Development of Municipalities and Territories of Ukraine supporting the modernization of 1,000 public buildings, including schools, cultural centers, kindergartens and hospitals.

It is expected that the useful life of important social, health, administrative and cultural buildings will be extended and reduced by at least 20 years CO2 emissions by 1.2 million tons.

The loan enables the installation of modern equipment in buildings, such as Smart meter and energy consumption control systems, the modernization of heating, ventilation and lighting systems as well as the upgrading of external areas such as roofs, ceiling insulation, basement ceilings and the replacement of windows and doors.

The Ukrainian health sector will benefit directly from upgrades, including new cooling systems and the integration of renewable energy sources and others COVID-19 Response measures.

Oleksiy Chernyshov, Minister for Development of Municipalities and Territories of Ukraine, said: “On behalf of the Ukrainian Government, I would like to thank the EIB for its cooperation. This project is fully in line with national policy and current energy strategy of Ukraine. The aim is to build up the necessary support that enables municipalities to apply for and receive sustainable loans with long-term repayment periods.

“This in turn will help to reduce energy consumption in public buildings, especially when heating in kindergartens, hospitals and schools. In addition, it will greatly promote job creation, which is a priority for the development of the country’s regions. By supporting a clean energy transition, the project will contribute to Ukraine’s efforts to secure its economic stability. “



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