Trump is considering lending small casino businesses loans to cover payroll


President Donald Trump said Wednesday he would be addressing concerns raised by small casinos and gambling companies that are unable to access emergency loans to cover payroll amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ll take a close look at this,” said the president when asked in the White House briefing room. “Nobody told me about it.”

Those of members of the Nevada Congressional Delegation and Senator Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

“Many of our casinos – including hotels – are small businesses that employ tens of thousands of people across our state and form the backbone of Nevada’s economy,” wrote the Nevada Congress delegation in a letter to House and Senate leaders on Wednesday. “These small businesses are located in both our large urban areas and rural communities. In addition, many small businesses in Nevada, such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and convenience stores, operate playground equipment and generate income.”

Video poker and slot machines are regularly found in small stores across the state of Nevada. Many small businesses who would otherwise be eligible for refundable loans for businesses with fewer than 500 employees say they are excluded.


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