This new Trendy Beard Challenge makes El Paso Men look wild


Men and women in El Paso always enjoy a change when it comes to their appearance. We were all there when we experimented with a new look with our hairstyle.

Hell, I’ve been there before doing something drastic with my hair years ago.

It wasn’t that crazy as I wanted to test it out with just a strip instead of my full hair at first. The best thing I’ve ever done with my hair was getting a purple streak in my blonde hair. Some women go through phases in which we sometimes have to change our hair.

Vs hair stages over the years

I’ve gone through all sorts of hair phases in my life. But now some men are taking part in a unique challenge. There’s a new look in town that some El Paso men are doing quite well. Two guys in El Paso are masters when it comes to trying the chinstrap beard challenge at Chuco Barbas.

ChucoBarbas is a local barber shop here in El Paso on the Eastside on North Zaragoza Road. The modern, traditional full service barbershop is the place where YOU can take on the chin strap mustache challenge if you feel like it. Important props go to Jerry Ramirez and Chris Villegas who do it with their new do.

But this rocking hairstyle would not be possible without Adrian Venegas. So don’t be surprised if you see guys rocking the chinstrap beard challenge in El Paso. Plus, this wasn’t the only challenge rocking men you might have seen in El Paso.

via ChucoBarbas / Jerry Ramirez

In February, Robert Barraza was a monkey-whisker champion. Below is an example of the monkey beard challenge Robert Barraza had on the sport. So if you know someone with a wonderful beard who is always up for a challenge, you know where to send them.

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