This is a request for a quote to finance the construction of the community center.


This is a request for a quote to fund construction of the Civic Building, which will be the new location for the Police Department and other Silverton City offices. The new Civic Building will be 26,217 SF and will be located on 410 N Water St on 2.7 acres owned by the City of Silverton.

The loan / bond will be repaid from several funds, with the majority of the debt being settled from the general fund. The maximum payment required is $ 12,000,000 over 25 or 30 years with semi-annual or annual payment.

The city is requesting bids for $ 12,000,000 and $ 10,000,000 for terms of 25 and 30 years. The answer must include all of the lender’s requirements and all of the costs associated with financing the community home.

The financial and budget information for the city of Silverton can be found on the city’s website:

Please complete the requested information here, attach an amortization plan and reference sheet and send the information back to me by January 20, 2022.

If you have any questions you can contact me at 503 874-2203 or by email [email protected]

Kathleen Saragossa
Deputy City Director / Finance Director


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