There is an integrated control framework


Alderman Gabe Teran (Photo by Chris Frost)

Oxnard – The City Council approved the proposed Council Policy for the Integrated Internal Controls Framework on Tuesday, December 21st, in relation to the oversight activities within Internal Controls.

S.ENIOR Introducing the article, Internal Control Manager and Acting Controller Jennifer Hiraoka said this is the last remaining policy to be adopted in the context of the city’s Integrated Internal Control Framework (ICIF).

“In September 2020 the city passed four guidelines and recognized that we already have a guideline that created the control environment for the ICIF,” she said. “In January 2021, the city passed a policy setting out the city council’s responsibility for risk assessment in relation to internal controls. In March 2021, the city passed a guideline on the introduction of control activities. Most recently, in June 2021, the city adopted a policy to create transparent and complete information. “

She said the Financial Directive 1.08 creates a monitoring system.

“This policy reaffirms the city council’s establishment of a monitoring system to provide reasonable assurance to the community, city council, staff and other stakeholders that the city is following the principles of the integrated framework for internal control and operating, reporting and Compliance goals achieved. “She said.” This policy requires a minimum of annual reporting on the effectiveness of internal controls and requires corrective action to be taken to address any deficiencies identified, if any. “

“This draft directive reaffirms the city council’s establishment of the surveillance system,” she said.

Councilor Gabe Teran said it was for the public’s benefit that people understand that the internal controls and integrated framework they employ are a way to oversee what’s going on and have multiple processes in place.

“To prevent or mitigate any kind of wrongdoing or mistake,” he said. “If you have a snack bar in Little League and you have a cash box, at no time is a person alone with the cash box. It’s always two people. The people who collect the money are probably not the same people who fill out the deposit slip. These are examples of internal controls, and the city is doing it on a large scale. I raised some concerns on social media about previous practices in the city a decade ago about spending money or not knowing where certain money was going. This is a way for the public to ensure that multiple processes are in place, and a framework to ensure that this is not happening. It improves transparency for the public. “

Mayor John Zaragoza thanked everyone for their work on the frame.

“Thank you very much, week after week and month after month, for all the excellent work,” he said.

The article was approved unanimously.


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