The Spanish rapper is released from having his British roommate’s penis cut off


The Spanish rapper is being exempted from cutting off his UK roommate’s penis after the Oxford graduate’s “victim” told judges that he mutilated himself over gender issues

  • Andrew B, 35, told judges that he cut off his penis last year
  • Andrew B previously told police his roommate, Aaron Beltran, 31, had hacked it
  • But he said in court that he was a “man of conscience” and that Beltran was innocent
  • Beltran was acquitted by judges in Zaragoza on Tuesday

A Spanish rapper was exempted from cutting off his UK roommate’s penis after the Oxford graduate told judges he had mutilated over gender issues.

Andrew B, a 35-year-old English teacher, was also informed that he will not face a perjury investigation after the three judges denied a prosecutor’s motion to charge him with false testimony.

Andrew B alleged at Aaron Beltran’s two-day trial on March 1st and 2nd that he hacked off his own penis with a kitchen knife because of gender issues, despite telling police that his roommate was to blame in one of his earlier statements.

Beltran, 31, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison if found guilty of harming his roommate.

The 31-year-old Spaniard Aaron Beltran was acquitted by judges in Zaragoza on Tuesday

Police retrieved the amputated sexual organ from the apartment they shared with four other people, including a young girl, and it was successfully reattached in a hospital.

Andrew B, who has admitted suffering from mental health problems, was found covered in blood on the street below his home in Zaragoza on March 8, 2019.

He told one of the two officers who came to his aid, “I did it, I did it” before changing his story and pointing the finger at Mr. Beltran in a later statement.

Prosecutors said in a pre-trial indictment that Andrew B offered his roommate money to cut off his penis. The payment depends on the number of times a bloody video of the amputation has been viewed on social media.

The minimum payment is £ 173 and the maximum is £ 2,164.

But Andrew B said in court at the beginning of the trial: “I cut off my own penis.

“I said that in my first two statements and I know I changed it in my third statement, but that was because I was under a lot of pressure from the police and I was scared.

“I was sick and was afraid that I would bring charges.

“I don’t owe Aaron anything, but at the same time I’m a man of conscience and I don’t want to send someone who is innocent to jail.”

The judges said in a ten-page written judgment released Tuesday that it was proven that Andrew B ran an ad on social media saying he was looking for a man to film him while he was his own Cut off the genital organ.

But they said there was no evidence that Andrew offered to pay his former roommate, as he claimed in one of his police statements that he later withdrew from court claiming he had mental health problems and felt pressured.

Senior Judge Alfonso Ballestin Miguel said in the written decision: “There is reasonable doubt about who performed the amputation.”

Identifying the Briton by his first and last name only, he added, “Prosecutors have requested that Andrew SB be investigated for the crime of perjury.

“This court believes that this is inappropriate as there is no evidence to support this crime.”

Beltran, who was born in Barcelona, ​​performed in English under the stage name Sanatorio del Atico or Attic Sanatorium.

It was not immediately clear today whether the prosecution would appeal the acquittal.


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