The previous government did not use all resources to rehabilitate schools: Sofía Leticia Morales


MONTERREY .– The Minister of Education of Nuevo León, Sofia Leticia Morales, revealed that the last administration not all financial resources used to the Enable educational institutions, stressing that the impairment report will not be updated as it is from March.

After the delivery of material and real estate for the Ignacio Zaragoza club de leones 10 elementary school in Mitras Centro, the official stated that she did not have 150 million pesos, as previously announced by the state treasurer.

19:24 Yesterday I had a meeting with him Insifed and we see that these resources are sinking and can answer them. Right now I have resources, but not the 150 million pesos because some have already been exercised and what I have, I will give 100 percent to the reports. And how much is there? (Leaves) 19.44

He also highlighted that the 2,300 primary schools 600 are already taking in children.

“Right now we have 38.48 percent of elementary schools that have already reverted to a classroom mode, which is not necessarily 100 percent capacity as it depends on the board of each school and the counters of each school”.

In order to determine how many and which schools are out of order, the agency has set up three telephone lines for reporting.

“At this moment it is necessary to return to schools so that we can work together to achieve decent and open schools. It is not possible for the students to return 100 percent because that would no longer be planned or prudent, but to be able to work in the schools to say: “I do not find these barriers to return to school and I report it. “

The phones enabled for reports are 81 2020 5050; 81 2020 5051; 81 2020 5052 AND 81 2033 5405.



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