The most popular Aragonese destinations to enjoy a second home


Over 220,000 Aragonese have a second home (223,029 in total) and about half are in the municipality where Jaca (Huesca) is considered a preferred tourist destination. To, some More than 80,000 people own second homes in neighboring communitiesAnd in this case, according to data from the Aragonese Institute of Statistics (IAEST), the coastal cities of the provinces of Tarragona and Castellón are the undisputed favorites.

But if one community tops the list, it’s undoubtedly Salou. The city is home to more than 7,000 people on the Costa Dorada. An Aragonese image that has been more than perfected over the years.

And from the beach to the mountains. And also Aragonese. In second place, behind Salou, we find Jacka (Huesca) with a total of 5,494 Aragonese Who has another property in the Pyrenees municipality. This is the case of Ricardo Martín’s family, who have been enjoying their home in the capital, Jaseta, for more than 20 years. “Some of the best moments and memories of my childhood are here. We were fortunate to be able to enjoy this city as a family and always took a lot away from it. Every weekend of the year we went to Jaka, that was a bracket during the week in Zaragoza and the regular week, remember.”Being here means being close to nature and feeling that way even when you breathe“ concludes Ricardo from the Pyrenean city.

An image of the citadel of Jaca (Huesca). Photo: Tours of Aragon

And we reach Peñíscola (Castellón), the third municipality on the podium, 4,983 Aragonese owners and their families travel to the Costa del Azhar to enjoy a few days of sun, sand and nice weather. Such is the case of Rosa Perez, a young woman from Zaragoza who has been spending her summers in this municipality since she was born almost 30 years ago. “First we rented a house in the mountains, but since we come here every summer, we decided to look for another house,” he says. “When we were little, we lived here most of the summer; sometimes some uncles came, other cousins, grandparents… on weekdays. It’s the whole family’s summer home,” she adds. Is.

In addition to the summer, Rosa Perez’s family also uses the holidays and the Easter break to treat themselves to a few days off in Pensacola. “And in a summer like this, where there’s so much uncertainty, that Rental accommodation and hotel prices are so highIt pays even more to be able to be here,” he explains.

After these three dominant destinations, second homes predominate in other coastal cities, both in the regions of Tarragona and Castellón and in the municipalities of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Capital of Huesca (with 4,753 Aragonese with second homes), Cambrils (4,709), Oropesa del Mar (3,250)Madrid (2,922) and Tarragona (2,617) are some of the places that the Aragonese have chosen to spend at least 14 nights a year from where they live, according to the 2011 census conducted by IAEST.

by provinces, 160,213 people in Zaragoza have a second home -In all cases it is included whether it is property, rental or donation-. Overall, the majority, 80,158, are in Aragon and . lie 66,526 are in neighboring communities. In Huesca, 22,609 people have a second home. and 13,392 are in Aragon while 2,571 are in other parishes. In the case of Teruel, another address is 19,271 inhabitants, of which 10,534 are in the Aragonese region, of which 7,625 are in neighboring municipalities.

In addition, there are 20,934 residents of Aragon with Spanish nationality who spend more than 14 nights away from their usual place of residence in a second home abroad. France tops this ranking with 4,695 second homes.It is followed by Italy (2,937), the United Kingdom (2,921), the United States (2,841) and Germany (1,597).


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