The importance of Gallardo and his reflection on Sirigliano


Despite retiring in December last year, he was proud to win the Champions Trophy at the Madre de Ciudads de Santiago del Estero. Leonardo Ponzio has one more page to write: his tribute match.

At an event called Captain Eternal, which has its origins at Newell’s Quarry, he will surely have an opportunity to say goodbye to the football that was once his home: Memorial Stadium. A native of Las Rojas, Santa Fe, the millionaire would bid farewell to the crowd after a successful career Most winners in River Plate history.

The game will take place on September 21st. And this afternoon Leo had a press conference with President Jorge Brito where he gave some details. “I grew because I was taught values ​​at home. It was a privilege. There were some who played a farewell game, a tribute to see people again, something that was normal but ends one day. I hadn’t dreamed that. I had dreamed of many things, but for such a departure from a club like this, no.”

current chairman of millionaire He appreciated the former player, but above all emphasized his human quality: “What a beautiful moment, Leo. Tough, beautiful, sometimes come together in life. many memories come upI think that change process was important back then (when D’Onofrio took over) and we emphasized the importance of what’s human. We are all witnesses to the moment we lived in a few years ago, right here Leo Ponzio emerges as the human above the player. Pandemic, another difficult moment that we had to live with and you were this great leader, necessary and indispensable to the processes with that human quality, with that leadership, values ​​that you had, by flowing the flow so well represented. Aside from being the most successful, I think you will also be remembered as a great person. thank you from the bottom of my heart“, Told him.

Looking back on his career, Leo said, “First time I made my debut with Lanas on River Court. He was the first to enter the monument. The second was the promotion, something very important, and it didn’t give me anything to say. And then, what we all remember, the grand finale because it represents something important, glory for the institution. And fourth, the last one I played. I didn’t say I was retiring, but I knew her internally, so it was important.

In his successful time at the club, he also dedicated a few words to Marcelo Gallardo: “He caught me when I was 30, a mature phase. Not in life, because I still have things to improve, but He turned me inside out as a footballer, we went through phases in which he accepted me very well. We walked together, we had a lot of interactions and it was very important.

“No one likes going back to where they were happy. After that, it must prepare itself for life. Finding somewhere where I know how I’m doing, who doesn’t like to be quiet,” he said of his future. warned against. It also left the door open for him to fill a function within the club’s organizational chart.

During the press conference, he was also asked about his former partner Ezequiel Sirigliano, who has been involved in a police incident over the past few hours. ,I said Siri’s choice was the same, that she would go a long way. But when we were here, he went through a difficult time. Family is very important. It will be necessary to go back, to see what happened, what his life was like, to know what started it. I don’t say sorry But when I see him again, I want to hear him and be with him. It’s a topic that encompasses many things.”free.

This will be Leo Ponzio’s farewell shirt

“I have walked through all the feet of the river. Paganism is half the word for saying, “I feel like an idol.” I am honored. We gave each other everything. I left everything for the river. I think love will last forever. This prevents it from ending. The institution is ahead of the players and needs to be nurtured,” he concluded.

It will be played during FIFA’s September date, so Franco Armani, Nicolas de la Cruz and Julian lvarez, Paulo Diaz and Hector David Martínez could miss the show if called up by their respective teams. However, some personalities who are currently in Uruguay are Enzo Francescoli, Ariel Ortega, Andrés d’Alessandro, Maxi Rodriguez, Nacho Scocco, Fernando Belluschi and Gabriel Heinz. Former teammates await the brightest championship of the millionaire or his moves through Newells and Zaragoza in Spain.

Leo Ponzio, River Plate. the eternal captain of

leon, During his time at the institution, he left an indelible mark by winning 17 titles that allowed him to oust Ngel Labruna and Ricardo Vaghi and become the most successful player with a red ribbon on his chest. Their winners include Final Tournament 2008, Primera B Nacional 2011/2012, Final Tournament 2014, Championship Cup 2014, Copa Sudamericana 2014, Recopa Sudamericana 2015, Copa Libertadores 2015, Suruga Bank 2015, Recopa Sudamericana 2016, Copa Argentina 2016, Copa Argentina. 2017, Supercopa Argentina 2017, Copa Libertadores 2018, Recopa Sudamericana 2019, Copa Argentina 2019, Liga Professional de Ftbol 2021 and Champions Trophy 2021.

Ponzio Nez joined the club in 2007, becoming one of the team’s main references and one of the public’s favorite players. A clear example was a game against Defense and Justice, where they were covered with curtains depicting the faces of River Plate’s most emblematic football players.

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