The family of a man who died in the desert searched for him on Twitter


A family in El Paso is devastated after a loved one dies while riding a motorcycle in the Lower Valley. El Paso police investigators say Horizon City’s David Herrera, 53, died while riding a dirt bike through a canal. His body was found just before 7 a.m. on Sunday evening along the canal area in Block 1100 of N. Zaragoza.


A local news channel reports that El Paso police investigators say Herrera may have been at the site south of Blackie Chesher Park earlier in the day. You failed to pinpoint the time of his death. The police were informed about Herrera when a passerby informed them that Herrera was there.


El Paso police investigators haven’t released many details, but they said there is a sudden drop along the canal. Investigators say Herrera couldn’t stop and fell on a lower part of the canal. The area in which Herrera drove should not be used by vehicles.


I can’t think of anything sadder than having to go to strangers to ask for help finding a loved one, but Herrera’s family had to do just that. His daughter went to Twitter to ask for information about her father’s whereabouts.

When the worst of the news was confirmed, Herrera’s daughter went back to Twitter to spread the word and ask for privacy. We are very sorry for the Herrera family and we extend our deepest condolences to them.

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