The DIA group, the Red Cross and the University of Zaragoza join forces to study barriers to healthy eating among vulnerable groups


Las Rojas in Madrid, July 18, 2022From the Pajaritos neighborhood in Seville to smaller towns like Villanueva de Gormez in Soria, DIA Group wants to make quality food easier for everyone to accessNo matter where you live and how much budget you have.

With this goal in mind, the company has worked closely with him An intervention study in vulnerable groups participating in the University of Zaragoza Red Cross With the aim of knowing the main obstacles to healthy eating.

To conduct this study, 66 people aged 3 to 69 who had registered with the Zaragoza Red Cross Extreme Vulnerability Program received financial assistance in the form of exchangeable wallet cards at the Dia shops. During the three months of the intervention, almost half of these people supported the preparation of healthy menus and recipes, attended food workshops and had a channel for questions via WhatsApp in their daily lives.

experience which Was developed in the last quarter of 202166 included, among other things, the monitoring of various health parameters of people, such as body mass index or measurements such as waist circumference, the presence of uric acid in the blood, cholesterol levels or blood pressure.

The study’s findings suggest that education and support were key to improving key health indicators, underscoring the complex challenge of achieving healthy eating habits beyond the family budget. All participants received adequate support to eat healthily, but some maintained unhealthy eating habits.

Nutrition and care accessible to all

The study is part of the goals set out in DIA Group’s first Sustainability Plan 2021-2023, a roadmap approved in 2021, which is one of its priorities. Facilitating access to quality food for allregardless of where they live and what budget they have. In order to achieve this goal, the company relies on another of its own levers for value creation: Proximity. This proximity goes beyond proximity to shops – 63.5% of Spanish people have a slide store less than 15 minutes’ walk from home – as the company strives to offer its customers the best omnichannel service offer to listen and listen. is also reflected. Adaptation of the offer to local needs with products of the best quality and price.


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