The cost of living at the cost of things: payday loans, baby food, glasses and … modern money theory?


This week our team is answering questions from our listeners who wanted to be solved as a new season of business puzzles started Cost of living.

So let’s tackle the big secrets in your head!

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Why has the price of baby food changed so much over the years? Producer Falice Chin picks this up and finds that prices are rising and it’s not your imagination … but it’s not a new problem. Listen to the segment here.

Why are glasses so expensive anyway? Anis Heydari took a look at this (pun intended) and realized that it’s not always what you buy, but who you buy it from. Listen to the segment here.

Why are the interest rates on payday loans allowed to be so high? Isn’t it illegal? Well, yes – and no, as Richard Raycraft found out. Continue reading here or listen to the segment here.

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And what is modern monetary theory anyway? You may have heard the letters MMT tossed around as the public deficit rose amid the economic fallout from COVID-19. Paul Haavardsrud tells you more about what it means without having to set foot in an economic space. Hear here.

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