The ballad of Dingdong and Jessa


In an area where some marriages cannot stand the test of time, Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza pride themselves on having weathered the trials marvelously.

“Our love is deeper now than ever,” said the couple, who recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Due to the uncertainty of the time, the celebration was understandably much quieter than in previous years.

“We couldn’t go out, so we just spent it at home,” said Jessa, “just Dingdong and me with our daughter Jayda.

With only daughter Jayda. “I would like to have another child,” admits Jessa. ‘But at 42, high risk na daw ako.’

“Pero meron naman kaming friends na nakaalala and they sent us special treats. It was a simple celebration, but very meaningful. “

Granted, their marriage isn’t perfect … and which marriage is perfect anyway?

“So many challenges, the same ones other couples face,” added Dingdong. “In our case, being in showbiz is challenging enough. We know that many relationships in showbiz don’t last long. In addition, there is the challenge of being constantly separated from the family, especially when I was active in politics as Vice Governor of our province in Siquijor. That meant less time with the family. “

The age difference of 11 years doesn’t get in the way.

“I think it has become an asset in the long run,” continued Dingdong, the elder. “As you get older, you become more patient and understanding with your better half. Hahahahaha !!! “

The most important thing that has helped them overcome the challenges is strong faith and the position of Jesus Christ in the midst of the family.

“Of course,” emphasized Jessa, “by malaising bagay din ‘yung, we try not to take everything in life too seriously. We find things to laugh about and we give each other space. And yes, make an effort to keep the romance burning. I think that’s where the big age difference becomes a factor. After all, Jayda and the constant presence of music in our lives are important elements in overcoming these challenges. Making beautiful music together is an important factor. “

Was it conscious to have only one child? How do you raise Jayda, especially now that she is an adult?

Dingdong: “To answer the first question, our constant travel was a factor due to the nature of our work, kaya di na kami nakagawa pa nang isa. Actually kung ako ang tatanungin gusto ko pa talaga. “

Jessa: “To be honest, I do too, but I’m very worried about my age. I’m already 42 and sabi nila na medyo high risk if I get pregnant at this stage of my life. I miscarried about three years ago and since then I can’t help but have reservations about getting pregnant.

“In raising Jayda, the biggest challenge we faced was teaching her the right core values; especially in this day and age when our society is so permissive and conservative values ​​are silenced and perceived as outdated or no longer in keeping with the times.

“Fortunately, we have been blessed with a child who is wise beyond his years and who has developed an awareness of God’s truth (the Bible) from a very young age. That keeps her on the ground what she needs, since she has already started her career in showbiz. “

When asked if he had ever experienced what is known as the seven-year itch, Dingdong replied, “Hmmm, Parang Hindi Naman. Ano ba ‘yung itchy na yon? Hahahaha !!! “

And have you ever had a major argument that could have led to a breakup? It’s common with showbiz couples, isn’t it?

Jessa admitted: “We will lie if we say na hindi. There have been times when our marriage has been tested. But luckily we overcame it by God’s grace. He sent us people who advised us and helped us get back on track. “

In the next breath, Jessa also admitted that she was Selosa at a young age.

“Siguro nung kabataan ko po hindi maiiwasan na maging selosa. But now, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to be more flexible and understanding. There is more maturity in every aspect of my life. “

Is Dingdong Loyal?

“Oo naman … sa pagkaka-alam ko. Hahahaha !!! “

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