Teruel and destroyed a gang dedicated to stealing copper and operating in Zaragoza


Twelve people were arrested and three others belonging to a criminal organization were investigated Allegedly more than 15 tons of copper cables stolen in the provinces of Teruel, ZaragozaAlbacete, Madrid and Cuenca, where the Civil Guard operation was carried out.

in the call operation soda About a ton of stolen cables, around 2,000 euros in cash, useful for camouflage and theft, several mobile phone terminals, documents on economic gains and four high-end vehicles were confiscated.

The operation began last December when the Civil Guard became aware of the theft of copper cables, mainly from photovoltaic panels, in Manchuela, Cuenca.

Continuing the investigation, agents were able to verify how a number of coordinated individuals traveled to locations previously set up as meeting points, only to later travel to facilities with specific materials, such as B. copper cable spools to travel. To the. robbery warrant.

For this, They used industrial vehicles resembling those in employment contracts, or they were disguised by the workers’ own clothing. Similarly, they first studied the place where they should work, drive, manipulate and drive work vehicles, etc.

This all involved a very complex investigation for agents to control the movements and movements of this group of people and search the places where the stolen material was introduced to later treat it as worthless items. enter and Benefit from financial advantages.

After the suspected perpetrators of the theft were identified, the operation was launched Four records simultaneously in the cities of the province of Madrid: Inspections in Getafe, Mostoles and San Fernando de Henares and a recreation center east of Madrid.

As a result, 12 people were arrested for the offenses of coercion, theft of copper material, membership and incorporation into a criminal organization, money laundering and aiding and abetting in crime, and three others were also investigated.

The operation will be carried out by the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Cuenca Civil Guard, the regional teams of the Judicial Police of Tarancon and San Clemente (Cuenca), members of the USECIC of Madrid and Cuenca and the Cuenca Company’s Roca 3 team. and directed by the Court of First Instance and Order No. 2 of the Motilla del Palancar (Cuenca).


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