Ten operations, duty in the air for the last 88 hours at Real Zaragoza


When the Spanish football summer market opened, 1,512 hours before July 1st Work on the structure of templates in the General and Sport Directorates of all clubs. This corresponds to 63 days, two months and one day. It’s only 88 hours at dawn this Monday, August 29 – if you notice the La Liga window opens at 9:00 –Only three and a half days for operation.

You Real Zaragoza, team with the fewest signings In the last 59 games (four, that’s three if it is accepted that goalkeeper Rebolo initially plays in another RFEF affiliate), the amount of homework in front of him Which suggests serious difficulty in consuming them all due to the sheer waistline and real-time difference. Pending cases have been accumulating due to General Director Ral Sanlehi and Sporting Director Miguel Torrecilla. Financial paralysis that gripped Real Zaragoza’s movements in the summerHis salary range is covered – and sometimes even slightly beyond – so moments and episodes of frenzy await in his high-level managerial responsibilities.

ie. their dissolution is pending The results tangled for two months: Nick Byela and LaSure He is not one of Juan Carlos Carcedo’s plans, but a deal is still being sought with his representatives, which is already running against the clock. In the changing room at the clearing place expendable pay boxit’s gotten to that point without finding an understandable or suggestive goal for Narvaez, Petrovic and Larazabali, The trio, sidelined by San Fermin, have started in Spain with an open market to play their minutes against nature in three days. You Basque has practically decided he’s staying, Colombians and Serbs are struggling to find a point of agreement at this stage in the summer scenario, so they leave their leeway in the dressing room. But will try until the last moment.

In the other direction, signatures come In order to accommodate the small group of reinforcements, which today consists of midfielder Molina and wingers Molejo and Simeone, an arbitration procedure was held for each club for lack of salary capacity in relation to the rules in force in La Liga.

It’s about Above all, a center forward, a good goalscorer, ready to play as soon as possible.Given the inherited flaws in this important aspect of the game, which the squad has been presenting for two years, things deteriorated earlier in the month. from a knee injury Ezon, a young 19-year-old forward who has been in action to a reasonable extent and level since March. but One end/the other end is also in the earring booka piece that was also scheduled for early July Who recognized a good number of goals in the side And that too central defense The task required Clemente’s departure to complete the line-up of four specialists who had been freed from a gap found by the home defender in Las Palmas 48 hours earlier. This piece, the central one, had been solidified a few weeks earlier in the guise of the Hispanic-Bolivian Jairo Quinteros., who comes from military service in the United States at Inter Miami, a club with which Real Zaragoza has shared a president since May: Jorge Mas Santos. Group synergy in its pure essence.

Chavaria and his fictional replacement

other people two operations that complete ten Tariffs affect the last option Transfer to ChawariaStarting with the left-back who has the last three appointments Offers to improve his situation and which he sees very positively appeal to him. First Division’s Rio Vallecano is his biggest mover, although his agents have moved more markets. For this reason he did not play in Cartagena on Friday. Zaragoza is waiting for a transfer Although this does not reach the 10 million euro segment, it is considered acceptable. Currently there is no concrete data on this acquisition, it is resilient at the expense of the passage of this last segment of the market.

clear, Real Zaragoza places itself in the left-back showcase In that case, Chavariya, as he wishes, leaves in extreme cases. So for Torrecilla and Sunlehi, It’s time to deploy replacements with great urgency and headlines.

All of these commands are wrapped in another pending condition Which has nothing to do with proper names, but is crucial for the future of everyone. Zaragoza unit Exactly what no longer defines your salary spending limit is something you need to explain in detail to La Liga in these 88 hoursAs is easy to guess, this panorama forecasts a rapid pulse in the big offices through Thursday, April 1.


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