Taking care of tomorrow today


Patricia and her daughter Celia, Yago and little Hugo are among the more than 800 Volunteers and their families who have participated in Santander-sponsored projects since the program began in 2019, such as the Tormes, Saja and Guadiana rivers. Until now, more than a ton of waste was removedand dozens of children and young people have taken courses on birds, built nesting boxes from recycled materials in forests in Spain and realized the importance of taking care of our planet.

Santander Natural in the face of a new reality where sustainability is not only on the public agenda, but also on that of companies. companies are more concerned about that vicinity and aware of it More and more customers are demanding environmental protection and a fight against it climate change.

Banco Santander plans to do so lead the Transition to a green economy. It took its first steps more than two decades ago by financing the first solar power plants. Today it works reach Net zero emissions by 2050.

Financing of renewable energy projects (in which Santander was world leader in the first half of 2022) is a key strategy for Santander to achieve this goal, as well as participating in projects such as engine green To reforest 70,000 hectares in Spain; Recycling expired debit and credit cards to convert into them street furniture in favor of the circular economy; and measured yourself carbon footprint since 2011 to learn the impact of its operations on the environment.


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