Suspected killer admits dozen murders after mutilated bodies were found in his home



A 72-year-old man was arrested this week after human remains were found under the floorboards of his home. He has confessed to killing up to 30 people in the past two decades.

The suspect, identified only as “Andrés N” under Mexican data protection laws, was known colloquially as El Chino (The Chinese). He was arrested on Saturday at his home in Atizapán de Zaragoza parish for the murder of 34-year-old Reyna González, who disappeared on May 13. He is said to have stabbed her and dismembered her body El Pais reports.

Police said they found shoes, ID cards, women’s handbags and clothing, and other items specifically linked to Rubicela Gallegos and Flor Nínive Vizcaíno, who disappeared in 2016 and 2019, respectively, the outlet said.

Reports are from different News Agencies in Mexico that Andreas N. told authorities that he ate some of the remains of his victims and peeled the skin off González’s face. Investigators also reportedly discovered scalps and skulls, as well as audio recordings of over a dozen murders. The alleged killer also had weapons such as machetes and a fretsaw on the property.

After his arrest, Andrés N. is said to have admitted up to 30 murders reports the news agency Efe. Prosecutors in the state of Mexico, which includes Mexico City and much of its suburbs, said Wednesday that they have yet to determine the number of possible victims in the case. reported the Associated Press. According to Efe, he is being held in Tlalnepantla Detention Center and the Social Reintegration Center.

The gruesome discovery of González’s hacked corpse on a bloody table came during the search for her in Las Lomas de San Miguel, a neighborhood on the western edge of Mexico City. Investigators pounded the floor with jackhammers and dismantled a concrete structure on the public access property, then forensic experts searched the dirt to find evidence. DNA testing will be needed to determine how many victims Andrés N. may have killed over the years, prosecutors said.

Andrés N. rented rooms in his house to make a living, reported El Pais. Fernando López, his tenant, is a doctor who ran a practice in one of the rooms; He was ordered by the authorities to leave the property when the search began.

Before her brutal death, González ran a small cell phone shop near the property where her remains were found. When she disappeared on Friday, missing persons posters popped up in the neighborhood. Neighbors said she knew Andrés N. – who reportedly got along well with locals and was a local union leader.

“The man was always there in her shop, always talking to her, always there,” Karla Narváez, a local pharmacy owner, told El Pais.

According to a report in El Universal, González had gone to the home of the alleged murderer before she disappeared. He wanted to accompany her on a trip to central Mexico City to buy goods for her cell phone store.

Resident Maura Valle told reporters that Andrés N. never had a life partner, but a sister who no longer lived in the immediate area.

Femicides – defined as the murder of women because of their gender – have plagued Mexico for decades. Around 35,000 women were murdered in 2019, after the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The country began collecting data on femicides in 2012.

Activists say femicides are so widespread that police are no longer doing much to prevent, investigate, or prosecute the killings.



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