Summary Volcano La Palma: November 8, 2021


Eroski and customers donate €435,000

Spanish retailer Eroski launched a campaign across its distribution network last month to raise funds for the people affected by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma.

As part of the campaign, the retailer encouraged the consumption of Canarian bananas to support the banana sector and the population affected by this natural disaster. It said it would Donate €0.10 for every kilogram of Eroski Natur bananas sold in his shops. Customers could also donate voluntarily at the tills.

At the presentation, Alejandro Martínez Berriochoa, Director of Health and Sustainability at Eroski said: “Immediate attention is a priority in natural disasters like the one we are experiencing on La Palma.” From Eroski, We will donate and channel the solidarity of our customers through the Red Cross, which offers help and support from the first moment on the island to meet the basic needs of food and shelter of the affected people.

The Canarian banana is one of our most popular products, both for its quality and for its taste. In these difficult times for the banana sector on La Palma, we would like to draw our customers’ attention to the importance of relying more than ever on this product, which is so important for the island’s economy and employment.

“The eruption of the volcano is seriously affect plantations and infrastructure, but consuming bananas from La Palma is still safe, healthy and tasty. The donation we are making from Eroski, together with the donation from our customers, will allow us to meet the basic needs of the population affected by the volcano.”

And that has now been confirmed They raised 435,000 euros for the cause. Well done everyone!!


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