Stifel Broker killed in a shootout in Highland Park


what you need to know

  • Stifel broker Stephen Straus was one of seven people killed by a gunman at a July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois.
  • He was with the company for over 24 years and worked as a broker for a total of 54 years.

A Stifel broker, who was with the company for more than 24 years, was one of six people killed in the mass shooting during the July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois. A seventh victim of a shooting died on July 5, according to reports the Highland Park Police Department.

At least 24 people were injured, Highland Park Mayor Nancy R. Rotering said in a statement.

Stefan Strauss88, of Highland Park, joined Stifel in March 1998 and is said to have been with the company until his death his report on the Financial Markets Authority’s BrokerCheck website.

In 54 years there have been no disclosures on his BrokerCheck report.

It is with great sadness that I report to you that Stephen Straus, a financial advisor in our Chicago office, was among the seven people killed in the tragic July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park…,” he said stalk CEO Ron Kruszewski in a remark emailed to employees Wednesday afternoon.

“Steve started his career in 1968 and joined the Stifel family in 1998. At the age of 88, he continued to serve his esteemed clients, not because he had to, but because he wanted to, by taking the train to the office every morning,” Kruszewski explained. “He was always willing to share ideas… [and] was kind and gentle, warm and had a great sense of humor.”

“Steve has been taking care of the whole family,” his niece Cynthia Straus said in a statement shared by Stifel. “He was like a big, big oak tree, an umbrella of well-being for all of us. It’s a great loss.”


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