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Date of publication: 09/11/2021

The 83-year-old woman fell from a balcony in her home in Zaragoza, Spain

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An elderly woman died of suicide in Zaragoza on Saturday 6 November by jumping from her balcony after repeatedly asking for euthanasia and being ignored. Die with Dignity (DMD) has harshly criticized the “total silence” of both the patient’s doctor and the local medical center who failed to process her death request when she “qualified”.

Official sources report that the victim, dubbed Emilia, suffered from a congenital hip dislocation that had worsened over the years, causing her chronic physical pain.

Emilia’s condition had no hope of recovery and she had been completely dependent on her family for three years since she was bedridden.

Emilia’s first application came through her family doctor in July, who refused to process it. The 83-year-old made several inquiries at her medical center but was reportedly ignored.

Eventually her family stepped in and was told that the request had been forwarded to “an evaluation committee,” which also did not contact her.

In euthanasia cases, all doctors reserve the right to object on grounds of conscience, but the patient should be referred to a different doctor, which was not the case in this situation.

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