Spain’s Hera Drone Hub drone test center


The Hera Drone Hub in Zaragoza, Spain is the first European drone test center in an urban setting close to an airport. An urban drone test center offers many advantages to the drone ecosystem that must test advanced operations: Now Hera Drone Hub has announced a partnership with Altitude Angel, a global provider of UTM (Unified Traffic Management or U-Space) technology, to UTM through its GuardianUTM Enterprise platform.

“The test environment, which enables operators and pilots to train with drones weighing up to 500 kg, consists of two TSAs within the Zaragoza CTR, which are about 2.5 kilometers apart. The river Ebro, which cuts through the city, provides a natural corridor for drones to operate between the two TSAs, ”said a press release from Altitude Angel.

Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM Enterprise is a U-Space (the European platform for unmanned traffic management) designed to help airports control drone operations in their managed airspace. Now the system in the Hera Drone Hub will be “the first in an urban environment that not only demonstrates the flexibility of the platform, but also reflects the growing desire and need of cities to control and manage the airspace above them,” said the Release press.

“GuardianUTM Enterprise will provide the Hera Drone Hub with a combined view of the airspace in its TSA so that the hub can achieve its goal of safely performing BVLOS operations using Altitude Angel’s proven digital authorization and flight management technology.”

Olivier Quero, Altitude Angel, Regional Sales & Partner Manager (EMEA South), said: “The Hera Drone Hub is the next step in demonstrating how cities can use underground space technology to unlock the potential of drones for the safe operation in an urban environment. The hub will provide the blueprint for local and regional councils and governments around the world who want to adopt the ‘smart city philosophy’ and enable a strong and sustainable drone economy. “

Miguel Ladrón de Cegama, Chief Technology Officer of Hera Drone Hub, added: “The merger between Hera Drone Hub and Altitude Angel is a big step towards the completely safe integration of drones in urban and interurban environments thanks to the different management and Altitude Angel monitoring tools.

“The alliance also enables the joint search for business opportunities and cooperation with other companies, technology development and access to a test stand that results from the only test room in Europe in the CTR area and in the urban environment. The goal of Hera Drone Hub is that all UTM and U-Space developers can test their systems in its facilities in Zaragoza.

“From the Hera Drone Hub, we are very pleased with the integration of Altitude Angel technology into our facilities. It will enable us to offer authorities and operators complete control over operations in an unprecedented manner. “

Operators interested in running tests in the Hera Drone Hub send a request through the website asking them to choose the type of activity they want to develop. Flights, certification, advice, training or support and acceleration in project development before the flight permit is granted.


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