Spain to see crazy weekend weather with thunderstorm hail and Calima


Spain sees crazy weekend weather with thunderstorm hail and Calima Credit: Creative Commons

The warmth and sunshine of the last few days are numbered in Spain, with a weekend of crazy weather forecasts including thunderstorms, hail and Calima.

This weekend Spain will reportedly see crazy weather, with thunderstorms that could be accompanied by hail in the Castilla y Leon plateau, the Pyrenees, Aragon and the Iberian Cordillera; and with less likelihood, according to Meteored, in the Central System, in the Community of Madrid and in Castile-La Mancha.

Friday May 13th will be characterized by cloudy skies in the Peninsula and Balearic Islands, although ample low clouds are expected in northern Galicia and the Cantabrian area. Morning fog covers the upper Ebro basin and cloudiness will create the possibility of thunderstorms in the interior of the peninsula in the afternoon.

Clouds will be plentiful in the Canary Islands without excluding the possibility of some light and isolated showers on La Palma. Calima, the desert dust of the Sahara, is also expected in Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic Islands, and it is not excluded that it extends to a large part of the southern half of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) forecasts a further increase in maximum temperatures in most areas of Spain, particularly Mallorca, the interior of the eastern Mediterranean peninsula, interior western Andalusia and northern Galicia. Therefore, it is expected to reach 34ºC in the Guadalquivir Valley.

Thunderstorms and hail with overcast skies are expected across much of the Peninsula and Canary Islands on Saturday 14 May.

Hail and showers accompanied by thunderstorms are expected in Spain in the afternoon, particularly in the Castilian-Leonese Plateau, the Pyrenees, Aragon and the Iberian Cordillera. Hail could also fall over the Central System, Community of Madrid and Castile-La Mancha, although less likely.

In Galicia and on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, fog banks continue to form in the morning. The same will happen with the haze turning orange in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla.

In Cordoba, Seville, Lleida and Zaragoza, the maximum temperatures are around 35º. The situation will be completely different on the Mediterranean coasts, where it will hardly reach 25º.

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