Spain gives Ukraine Leopard 2 as a gift, the EU pays for the upgrade


MADRID ($1=1.00 EUR) — The Spanish government is preparing to donate 10 Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks and 20 M113 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, which are part of the inventory of the Spanish army. The donation is military aid from Madrid to Kyiv because of the invasion of Russian troops into Ukrainian territory, which sparked a war between the two countries.

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According to the Spanish online portal InfoDifensa, the operation to transfer this military material to Kyiv was designed in a triangle. After the Leopard 2A4 and M113 become Ukraine’s property, the Zelenskyy government will finance their updating and modernization on Spanish soil with money from the European Union’s European Peace Fund. This requires the conclusion of a contract with Spanish companies. The last phase will be the transfer to the operating room.

The funding

A team of Ukrainian experts has traveled to Spain over the past two weeks to monitor the state of the material and will be responsible for determining the level of ambition for updating and modernizing the systems, which Spanish sources say is ongoing. According to Spanish sources, the weapon systems being transferred to Ukraine are unused, stored and inactive.

Regarding the size of the program in terms of money and time, it is premature to give the sources, but the entire operation could cost at least between five and fifteen million euros, and the delivery time could last until the end of this year. depending on the ambitions of the build and the difficulty of finding the necessary spare parts and systems for the two military vehicles.

Ukraine has so far been dissatisfied with Spain’s help reminds that Spain maintains a total of 53 models of Leopard 2A4 tanks at its Casetas military base near Zaragoza. 55 tons, a powerful 120mm Rheinmetall L/44 gun and two 7.62mm MG3 machine guns, this is a very effective main battle tank.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Spain Igor Zovkva has asked – privately and publicly – for greater Spanish involvement in sending offensive military aid, and as a result the Ministry of Defense recently launched a study on what it can contribute in this regard. especially considering that other European Union countries have offered and/or supplied tanks or heavily armored vehicles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Spain is repairing gearboxes on its 6-cylinder diesel M113 APC
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Ukraine’s diplomatic mission in Spain itself informed the ministry of its interest in the main battle tanks that the Spanish army had in stock – others were said to have been abandoned – and asked for their selfless supply.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 21, 2022, the Russian government claimed Ukrainian shelling destroyed an FSB border facility on the Russian-Ukrainian border and killed five Ukrainian soldiers attempting to cross Russian territory. Ukraine denied involvement in both incidents, calling them a false flag.

On the same day, according to Putin, the Russian government officially recognized the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR as independent states, not only in their de facto controlled areas, but in the Ukrainian oblasts as a whole, and Putin ordered Russian troops, including tanks, to enter the regions.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces previously concentrated along the border. The invasion was followed by targeted airstrikes on military buildings in the country and tanks entering through the Belarusian border.

Russia announced that it had destroyed two US-made HIMARS MRLs
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Russia has not yet recognized the invasion of Ukraine as one “War”although it is exactly that, claims it is a “military special operation”. According to the UN, where Russia has its permanent mission, a military action is to be defined as one “military special operation”, there must be a UN resolution. There is no such resolution that automatically defines Russian military actions as an invasion and war against the citizens of Ukraine.


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