Season 2 trailer for Ghosts gives us some hilarious hauntings


What if a bunch of ghosts were hanging around an old creepy house you built and you could see them, and – instead of being super creepy – they’re actually kind of funny? That’s the premise of the CBS show ghostsand the trailer for the show’s second season reveals that they’re all trying to get along while the living among them try to convert the space into a bed and breakfast.

Here’s the official synopsis of the show:

GHOSTS is a single camera comedy about Samantha and Jay, a cheerful freelance journalist and aspiring city chef, respectively, who throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to remodel a massive run-down country estate they inherited into a bed and breakfast – only to find it inhabited by the many ghosts of deceased residents who now call it home. The Departed Souls are a close-knit, eclectic group that includes a cheeky Prohibition-era lounge singer (Danielle Pinnock); a pompous 18th-century militiaman (Brandon Scott Jones); a ’60s hippie who loves hallucinogens (Sheila Carrasco); an overly optimistic Boy Scout troop leader of the ’80s (Richie Moriarty); a cod-obsessed Viking explorer from 1009 (Devon Chandler Long); a slick ’90s financier (Asher Grodman); a sarcastic and witty 16th-century native (Román Zaragoza); and a society woman and wife of a 19th-century robber baron who is Samantha’s ancestor (Rebecca Wisocky), to name a few. If the spirits were worried about the uproar a renovation and B&B will cause at their home, that’s nothing compared to realizing that Samantha is the first living person to see and hear them.

I’ve watched a few episodes of the first season of this network show and she’s quite charming! The first season airs on Paramount+ if you want to watch it, and the second season premieres on Thursday, September 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on both CBS and Paramount+.


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