Sanchez announces reduction of VAT on gas to 5%


head of government, Pedro Sanchezhas announced that the government will take an initiative VAT on gas reduced from 21% to 5% From the month of October and initially until the end of the year, but this period could be extended to the whole of 2023 to counteract higher prices.

in an interview Ser Chen, Sanchez’s announcement comes just a day after the PP announced that its leader, Alberto Nez Feizu, would propose a similar tax cut in a Senate debate next Tuesday.

“We’re going to do that in the fall and winter. It is worth trying to reduce heating costs the citizens of the country,” assured the CEO in an interview, in which he explained that the measure would initially last three months until August 31. “We will open it for completion next year” As long as this difficult situation continues,” he said.

Sanchez said that The government has already reduced electricity-related taxes by 80% (About a year ago, following a request from PP, the Executive reduced VAT on electricity from 21% to 5%). This would have saved the citizens “ten billion euros”.

But he assured that the executive could do “a lot” and therefore proposed a reduction in VAT on gas: “We will do this in line with the economic policies that we are initially pursuing “energy crisis” in the sense of a “selective tax exemption in favor the middle and working class”.

declared action Follows the line announced by the federal government On August 18, when Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz, with whom Sanchez met on Tuesday, announced a reduction in VAT on gas from 19 percent to 7 percent between October and March 2023.

After your announcement Feiju noted that “it was useful for some” that the PP asked to participate. of the Prime Minister in the Senate. Sanchez “Follow” Assuming certain actions of PP by drippers After criticizing her,” he wrote on his Twitter profile, “I must do so as quickly and decisively as possible. They are always late to help the Spaniards.”

Does not take delivery restrictions into account

The governor has assured that “Not considering imposing delivery restrictions This winter, however, “the context is very uncertain”, Spain is in a “much more comfortable and secure position” than other European countries that are more reliant on Russian gas. And he explained that his executive branch is already speaking to industry, companies, political groups and autonomous communities to consider further measures as the situation evolves.

The President insisted His government will “not work in any direction”. To deal with this crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, but “for the middle and working class” suffering from rising prices.

For this reason he emphasized the need for a “Tax Justice” and “the just sharing of the burden of this war”, with extraordinary tax Banks and energy companies that have “benefited” from inflation.

Sanchez admits it can be tricky to watch the fall “high uncertainty” Derived from the war in Ukraine, but assured that “without falling into euphoria, we cannot plunge into catastrophe either” because some indicators are positive and the government’s task is to “create certainty” with such measures. Algae have been announced

He rebuked PP for “misusing” ETA after being criticized for bringing prisoners closer

Among other things, Sanchez was asked about his criticism of PP. The prospects for the Basque Country of the 13 ETA members Among them are Francisco Javier García Gaztelu ‘Tuxapot’ (among others the murderers of Miguel एंजेलngel Blanco and Gregorio Ordóez) and Henri Parrot, author of such attacks on the Zaragoza barracks as another of Francisco Tomás y Valiente.

according to what The People’s Party accuses the government of “humiliating” the victims To solicit EH-Bildu’s support, the Chairman of the PP Board recalls that when he ruled he “brought hundreds of ETA prisoners to Euskadi, while ETA was killing and kidnapping people”. He took care of that too These prisoners ‘will serve their sentences’ and has defended that these are not “collective approaches” but individual ones that “respect” and are prison rules “Judicial Investigations”.

“What we have seen all these years since ETA disappeared is Fake usage and without shame by PP,” added Sanchez, who stressed that the PSOE had always been able to conclude the “Great Deal” against both ETA and jihadist terrorism. And he accused PP of using “everything”, here even “collective successes like “peace” to try to “undermine” the government.

On the other side was Sanchez Very critical of Feiju, whom he described as “pretty modest”. with interests that led him to the PP front,” and accuses him of aligning himself with energy companies fighting against government measures. He disagreed with the executive. also to be accused

Call on employers to make arrangements to provide ‘security’ in collective agreements

Among other things, the government will convene social agents for meetings in the coming months. Tariff table for the cross-industry minimum wage (SMI) making it equal to 60% of the minimum wage in 2023, which the CEOE opposes. With that in mind, he called Enter into “employer only” agreements In collective agreements to give workers and companies “security”.

In addition, the negotiations of the social actors on the Agreement on Employment and Collective Bargaining (AENC), which have been suspended since May. “If we put collective bargaining back at the heart of industrial relations, I, and particularly employers, call for them to make agreements, collective agreements,” Sanchez said.

The second vice-president, Yolanda Diaz (Unidas Podemos), also called on employers and unions to meet for talks this Wednesday, although she had earlier advocated union mobilization. When asked if the employers were “up to the task,” Sanchez replied, “Social agents are willing to work during this legislature, we have to justify and acknowledge that. We have reached up to 15 agreements (…) which is very important, like labor reform. has expressed “respect” for “every group’s right to perform”.As in “it cannot happen otherwise in a democratic society”.

Defense spending set to rise and talks United We Can

Sanchez is On the other hand, reiterated his commitment to increase defense spending In the next general state budget and has pledged to enter into talks with United We Can. After Diaz denied that that increase was included in the 2023 spending cap, Sanchez assured that the vice president was “loyal to the logic” of the administration.

Sanchez defends this increased defense It’s not just about “disappointing” Russia. but also to comply with its demands in Europe European and Atlantic commitments and economy and economy. and he remembered that his government military salary, Which has not been updated since 2005. “The soldiers and the families of the soldiers certainly know that,” he said.

According to Sánchez, there are 100,000 skilled jobs spread across Spain and he named Albacete, Euscadi, Ferrol, Cartagena or Cadiz. Namely “an industry deployed across the region” that is also investing in cybersecurity, for example in companies operating out of Malaga. “It would be easier if we had PP in common sense politics,” he lamented, but acknowledged that “since it isn’t” he is forced to come to terms with other political forces.


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