Roberto Mazzara donates 5% of the proceeds from the Santa Maria Bell auction to the American Cancer Society


The only existing historical object relating to Christopher Columbus’ historical voyage will be auctioned in Miami on November 18

MIAMI, Oct 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Santa Maria Bell that accompanied Christoph Columbus’ Flagship of his expedition to America in 1492, will be auctioned on November 18 in Miami. The American Cancer Society will benefit from this.

Santa Maria bell.

The Santa Maria Bell will be auctioned on November 18 in Miami.

The bell was discovered by a former Italian naval officer and underwater salvage expert Roberto Mazzara 1994 off the coast of North Portugal. It is at the center of an epic tale filled with treasure hunts, political intrigue, and historical secrets. Mazzara believes the auction “will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce this unique piece to the collectors’ world”. But he has also decided that part of the proceeds will be used for charitable purposes.

Five percent of the auction proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society (ACS). For Mazzara, the donation is “an expression of my dedication and gratitude to all struggling with this disease, both health professionals and the people who suffer from it.” His gesture was communicated to Viviana Mártir, ACS’s Regional Director of Integrated Marketing, who thanked him for announcing the donation and said that the organization “is happy that Mazzara has chosen you” to receive the donation as soon as the Bell was successfully auctioned Miami.

There is ample evidence of the authenticity of this historic treasure, which weighs just under 31 pounds and measures roughly 10 inches in diameter. The University of Zaragoza carried out a chemical and metallographic analysis of the bell, which confirmed its age and a composition typical of the time of Columbus. The General Archives of India, housed in Seville and Simancas in Spain, identify a bell on the Santa Maria Similar evidence is provided by the Mazzara find and documents recorded by the Casa de la Contratación or the House of Commerce. The Spanish Ministry of Culture confirms that the Mazzara find is the oldest naval bell in the world.

Following legal disputes that challenged ownership of the bell, the historic piece was returned to its rightful owner, Mazzara, by a Spanish court. Many consider the bell priceless as it is a unique artifact in several ways. It is now making its grand entrance after being stored in an unknown Miami-Area location since 2006.

The bell will be privately auctioned on November 18. The bidding starts at $ 6 million.

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