Riviana is investing $ 15 million in the Tennessee facility


Rice and noodle maker Riviana Foods is investing in itself. The Houston, Texas-based company is investing $ 15 million to improve production and expand the instant rice capacity of its Memphis, Tenn facility.

In addition to renovating and updating the existing processing lines, as well as the controls and the rice transfer system, Riviana is also replacing a line for the production of instant brown rice. It is being replaced with the most modern equipment. All efforts are aimed at increasing the reliability, volume performance, productivity and efficiency of the system as well as the sustainability of the production process. Riviana expects the effort to be completed by the third quarter.

“This is an exciting time for Riviana and our people as we continue to improve our operations to meet or exceed customer needs for years to come,” said Enrique Zaragoza, President and CEO of Riviana. “We are also looking forward to many more years of successful partnership between Riviana and the community.”

As the company continues to be a leader in private label and branded rice products that include Minute, Mahatma, Success, Carolina, Comet, Adolphus, Blue Ribbon, Rice Select, Gourmet House, and Tilda, it has steadily decreased its presence in dry noodles. In addition to the Ronzoni sale at the end of March, the company also unloaded most of its branded pasta portfolio last fall as part of a contract with TreeHouse Foods. The company currently produces the Olivieri and Garofalo pasta brands.


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