Riverside County Calls for Federal Intervention as Hundreds of Immigrants Seek Asylum – NBC Los Angeles


More migrant asylum seekers continue to arrive in Riverside County, which is why district authorities are now calling for federal government intervention.

Authorities in this county warn that incoming immigrants will be medically screened and placed in hotels, which incurs economic costs as more immigrants and families seeking political asylum are being transported by customs and border guards.

“Most of them [immigrants] are dropped by the border patrol in the Blythe and Murrietta area in the west of the county, “said Yaoska Machado, a spokesman for Riverside County.

This month alone, the district has taken in more than 257 immigrants who have undergone medical examinations and been accommodated in some local hotels, but the costs that the district spokesperson said should be borne by the federal government.

“We call on the federal and state governments to intervene because we do not have enough resources to deal with this issue in the long term, because we know that even more immigrants will arrive,” said Machado.

In 2019, more than 1,000 families and more than 2,800 asylum seekers landed in Riverside County, who were only passing through but were given humanitarian assistance.

“We need to understand that we need to protect these immigrants who come in search of asylum, as well as the health of our residents and our staff who look after them when the border patrol leaves them in our area,” added Machado.

Some nonprofits also help serve immigrants, and the number of immigrants and families seeking asylum is expected to increase dramatically this year due to President Joe Biden’s new immigration policy.

Most immigrants who come to this county only stay 3-5 days while meeting with their relatives or protectors, the county provides them humanitarian aid, minus travel expenses.

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