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A second bank account with some credit can avoid problems as we can always access the money in case the main account is blocked or the card is lost.

There are companies out there that allow you to open an account for free.

Even the best accounts can get us into trouble at times, from difficulty accessing the entity’s app to waiting for a card to arrive longer than the account. For this reason, the experts at the financial product comparison recommend a second account with one of the best banks Spain to face these scenarios. In this way, you can always access the money even if your account is blocked or your card is lost.

Account suspension

An expired DNI or NIE is sufficient reason for the bank to block an account. And although the bank has a prior notification requirement, it is not always easy to follow all notifications received through digital channels. Many banking institution customers find out overnight that their account has been blocked and are required to provide their valid documents.

On the other hand, they explain in HelpMyCash that Due to the Money Laundering Act, it will become more and more common for banks to react to possible suspicious movements. Receipt of transfers for large amounts from third countries or a higher income than usual can be sufficient reasons for an institution to block the account. While it is sufficient to provide evidence of the origin of the funds to resolve this incident, it is very likely that the account will not be operational again until all information has been verified.

Lost or stolen card

Losing your card or being victim of theft because this plastic is such a common form of payment can create significant inconvenience if you don’t have a Plan B. With a canceled card, it becomes more difficult to access the funds in the account, make purchases, and pay fees for services like Netflix or Spotify. Additionally, if you need to request a new card, you will have to wait between a week and two to receive the new plastic.

Problems with the bank’s ‘app’

The computer system of the websites or Apps can cause problems at some point. In fact, HelpMyCash experts point out that this is a recurring problem with certain companies. And while in many cases these issues are resolved immediately, in other cases it can take a few hours to resolve.

The main disadvantage with these errors is that they can make it difficult to confirm a purchase, make a transfer, or pay a receipt through digital channels. In such cases, it is necessary to go to an office or an ATM to perform operations. A second account can help with such setbacks.

Take advantage of the terms of other companies

Opening a second account with another bank with a certain amount of credit has the advantage that the customer can continue to meet his obligations in the event that the main account is blocked, online banking fails or the card is unavailable.

In order to be able to use the offers of other banks, it is not absolutely necessary to change the direct debit of the receipts or to pay commissions. In fact, there are currently many companies out there that allow you to open an account for free with no direct income.

Openbank, Santander’s online bank, offers afree account and card with access to discounts with multiple brands like Cortefiel, Springfield, Starbucks or Papa John’s. And it’s not the only alternative that BBVA also offers the option of Online account with no commissions with free card. Not only does it allow you to avoid commissions, but it also allows you to have one of the safest cards on the market. The Aqua card comes without printed numbers and with a dynamic CVV. Access to the company’s app is required to get the card details, so this is a good option for online purchases. Additionally, the previous two accounts have no linking requirements, although in the case of BBVA it does require a new customer to rent so they serve as secondary accounts as no direct debit or payroll or receipts are required to take advantage of them enjoy. Advantage.

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