Real estate transactions in the Eastern Pittsburgh suburbs for the week of May 8, 2022



Hawre Jalal sold the property at 42A Churchill Road to Richard and Phyllis Bender for $389,000.

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Donna Tamres sold the lot at 520 Greendale Ave. for $219,900 to Alan Schlossberg and Loretta Hurley.

Corwin Parker sold the property at 1026 Savannah Ave. for $630,000 to Nicholas and Katherine Burton.

Robert Vanwassen sold the property at W. Swissvale Ave. 229 for $585,000 to Eamon and Margaret Chory.

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Art Image America LLC sold property at 1628 Ardmore Blvd. to Yves Jean for $115,000.

Radiant Realty LLC sold the property at 352 Avenue F to 5Joe Inc. for $15,000.

Lisa Riggins sold the lot on Lenox Ave. 603 for $144,900 to Jordan Wilner and Clare Groth.

Andrew Rey Zaragoza sold the property on Lenox Ave. 702 for $188,000 to Susan Englert.

Francis McCracken sold the property on Sumner Ave. 28 to Rebecca Hammond for $228,500.


Glenn Adams sold a lot at 4439 Broadway Blvd. to Wesley James and Honey Vih Albers for $189,900.

Norman Sculptor sold the property at 228 Kenmar Drive to Sharmyn Straughters for $195,000.

Brian Raughter sold the property at 240 Mallard Drive to Emmett Jones III and Anita Greene for $450,000.

Kathleen Migitsch sold the property at 110 Meadow Gap Drive to Ryan Walker for $173,000.

Ermax Property LLC sold a property at 2740 Mosside Blvd. to Champlin Partners LLC for $2,450,000.

Laura Land Co. LP sold the property at 4327 Northern Pike to Sandhu Holdings LLC for $835,000.

Amy Flaugh sold the property at 2155 Pendleton Drive to Tyler Schmidt and Ann Piccirollo for $299,000.

Connie Arelt sold the property at 2374 Tilbrook Road to Andrew Arelt and Frederick Arelt Jr. for $30,000.

Matthew Laidacker sold the property at 2050 Township Road to Manu Parker Brown and Nichole Dianne Kauffman Brown for $181,000.

Claudia Careccia sold the property at 428 Valley View Drive to William Henderson for $163,200.


812814 Holding Co. LLC sold property at 810 Allegheny River Blvd. to Upper Blvd Holdings LLC for $650,000.

Theodore Kamzalow sold the property at 30 Oakglen Drive to Carol Resh for $345,000.

Penn Hills

H2H Pittsburgh Rental LLC sold the property at 7976 Aber Road to Chauuyen Huynh for $170,000.

Duane Altman sold the property at 219 Bart Drive to Najheir West and Sonja Watkins for $128,000.

Robert Varasse sold the property at 1737 Chester Road to Matthew Fedzen for $196,000.

Richard Dizak’s trustee sold the property at 171 Colgan Ter to Marcetta Ponzio for $197,000.

Patricia Day sold the lot at 366 Collins Drive to Junya Inohara for $134,050.

Wilmington REO LLC has sold the 197 Colonial Village Drive property to TNA Investments LLC for $50,000.

Shimara Coates sold the property at 9800 Frankstown Road to Deja Davis for $149,900.

Dallas Flips Pittsburgh LLC sold the 421 Guylyn Drive property to RP Homes 2 LLC for $149,000.

Seth Barnes sold the property at 6310 Hallwood Drive to Nathaniel Robinson for $166,000.

Michael Ricciuti sold the property at 422 Hershey Road to Mackenzie Lauff for $175,000.

Sharlene Parks sold the property at 412 Lee Drive to JR PA 2021 Rental 5 LLC for $126,500.

Beulah Road Assoc. LP sold the property at 21-62 Melvin Ct to Melvin Hills LLC for $2,261,500.

Dennis Zdrojkowski sold the property at 323 Penn Vista Drive to Jeanette Jackson for $99,000.

Laser Wash Group LLC sold the property at 666 Rodi Road to Gregg Rudolph Enterprises LLC for $575,000.

Joseph Guidry sold the property at 7842 Thon Drive to Carliner Smith for $154,500.

William Vonhagen sold the property at 6738 Verona Road to Steven and Jennifer Parco for $10,000.

Bulanov Construction LLC sold the property at 634 Veronica Drive to Jillian Flynn for $134,900.


Joseph Divald sold the property at 344 Second St. to Pitt Vision LLC for $90,000.

Samuel Kephart sold the lot at 820 Wall Ave. for $89,900 to Dakota Nicodem and Sierra Mittermeier.


Frank Bauerle sold the property at 329 Holiday Park Drive to Michael Walsh for $205,000.


1300 LaClair Street LLC sold the property at 1300 LaClair Ave. for $350,000 to James Daniel Crawley Jr. and Robyn Crawley.

George Howley sold the property at 1516 Mansion Pl to Evangrow LLC for $325,000.

Amy Berlin sold the property at 7206 Michigan Ave. for $50,000 to Robin Steiner.

Ezvendz LLC sold the property at 2408 S Braddock Ave. for $147,000 to Michelle Pace.

John Chieffa sold the property at 2206 Woodstock Ave. for $285,000 to 2206 Woodstock Avenue LLC.

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Ekklesia Church Inc. sold the property at 130 Grant St. to Barry and Gwendolyn Ratliff for $70,000.

TulaPup LLC sold the property on Maple Ave. 1612 to ALMD Realty LLC for $90,000.

Dominic Potochnik’s trustee sold the property at 335 Mercer St. to Olayinka Aminu and Folashade Odusoga for $30,000.

Williams Buyandtrade LLC sold the property at 242 Seneca St. to Omar Henderson for $6,000.


Frank Napolitano’s trustee sold the property at 210 Dunbar Drive to Sean and Lydia Ireland for $85,000.

John Frisoli Jr. sold the property at 893 Stevendale Drive to Joseph Peters Pompilio for $120,000.

Charles Streiff sold the property at 2 Sylvia Lane to Michel Bullard and Leo Jackson Jr. for $330,000.


Nicolas Monzon sold the lot at 315 Barnes St. to Nicholas Monzon and Nathalie Floch for $159,375.

Matthew Camerino sold the property on Boggs Ave. 2039 for $2,000 to Venkat Raman Senapati.

Levine Properties sold the property at 1679 Laketon Road to Movin Better Realty LLC for $6,200.

Saunders Painting & Contracting LLC sold the lot at Mifflin Ave. 707 for $345,000 to Samuel Gespass and Andrea Olivera Luscher.

Peter Vitelli sold the lot at 533 Peebles St. to Zachary Troy and Hanna Baldwin for $309,000.


Marion Silbert sold the property at 4016 Remaley Road to Marcelino and Kayla Figueroa for $351,900.

North Huntingdon

Anna Marie Yorty sold the property at 2505 Scotch Hill 2 to William and Stephanie Yorty for $100,000.

Penn community

Estate of Mabel Lafern Kramer sold the property on Dolly Ave. 1093 47 for $163,500 to Scott and Donna Sorice.

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