Raiders defenseman Alec Ingold welcomes junior achievement students to Allegiant Stadium


Students got a chance by completing the Alec Ingold Money Mini Camp

Raiders defenseman Alec Ingold welcomes Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada students to Allegiant Stadium. The youth gained the opportunity after completing the
Alec Ingold Money Mini Camp Financial education series in collaboration with the non-profit organization Junior Achievement.

Local students got the chance to meet Las Vegas Raiders defender Alec Ingold and recently visited Allegiant Stadium. The lucky 35 got that opportunity from a lottery of several hundred 8th through 12th grade students completing the Alec Ingold Money Mini Camp in partnership with Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada and the nonprofit’s financial literacy curriculum.

Ingold received several groups of students for this experience. They enjoyed a behind-the-scenes journey through Raiders history, including the Las Vegas move, Allegiant Stadium Field, and Raiders Locker Room. Other stops were the Al Davis Memorial Torch, private suites and clubs, the Raiderettes locker room, the Ubeo press conference room and photo opportunities.

“I’m excited that the kids have the opportunity to see where my teammates and I work on Sundays and I hope they use the curriculum and this event to take them to new heights,” said Ingold during the tour, at which he was also recognized for his efforts to promote the importance of financial education for young people. “I believe that financial literacy is key to reducing the pay gap in America. Every child should have the opportunity to learn how money works and build strong financial habits from an early age. I am honored to be recognized by Junior Achievement for something I love and believe in strongly. Junior Achievement is a great platform to show children the importance of making smart decisions for their future today. “

Ingold has transformed his passion for finance and soccer – gained from his personal finance degree from the University of Wisconsin and his soccer experience – into success on the field and in the community. Not only did he score the first touchdown at Allegiant Stadium, but he was also the Raiders 2020 candidate for the prestigious Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

Given the existing curriculum and the scope of Junior Achievement, this year he’s partnered with the nonprofit to bring his new 14-part Money Mini Camp virtual series to 8th-12th grade students across the state. It teaches key skills in financial life and connects different career paths outside of football within the sport by giving students opportunities to be part of the team that makes the game day possible, such as: B. Accounting, Marketing and Public Relations. Students learn about these options and the educational sector to achieve them, educational expectations for job opportunities, managing finances and related teaching. Ingold recruited some Raiders teammates and other league athletes to join him by sharing their personal experiences on the various topics of the series in 12 short video lessons that complement instructor-led or self-directed materials.

The Money Mini Camp culminated in the partnership with JA Finance Park Virtual, Junior Achievement’s interactive online personal financial planning exercise. Ingold hosted a “Before You Play the Game of Life” virtual video session with students before they played the JA Finance Park virtual game. During this simulation, students were given adult personalities, a role in a football organization, income, marital status, creditworthiness, and even children of their own. The students were tasked with balancing a budget that included more than 26 different financial decisions and bills that are part of housekeeping.

Ingold also gave the keynote address on the JA Inspire online and interactive career exploration program in May, also for Grade 8-12 Junior Achievement students.

“We are thrilled to be working with Alec. His affiliation with Money Mini Camp and Raiders provides students with a more personal, engaging, and realistic way to identify with a variety of career opportunities while providing them with hands-on financial knowledge that will benefit them and ultimately their families, “said Michelle Jackson, President and CEO of the Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada. “It is a perfect addition to our financial education program and we are excited to recognize him for his dedication and investment in Nevada students in his Raiders home and in front of some students.”

The Alec Ingold Money Mini Camp was offered to the students through their schools completely free of charge. For information on next year’s program, teachers or school representatives should call Kelly DeGuzman of the Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada at [email protected] or 702-214-0502.

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Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada, Inc. was founded locally in 1996. The organization is dedicated to delivering financial literacy to K-12 students with a curriculum ranging from budget management to business principles, manpower skills and credit. Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada reaches more than 20,000 Las Vegas area students annually through 285 companies and 6,800 business role models. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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