Public art projects in El Paso City are neither unique nor creative: Readers


Urban art project that is neither unique nor creative

How does the authority that opts for public art change with the diversity of museum directors? The choices made by these people are not unique, culturally unique, or very creative. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on public art that is neither relevant nor permanent.

The multi-reproduced yellow door can be seen elsewhere, but was the city of El Paso willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it? Mural? Ideas are at the level of college art projects, often repetitive and in the sophomore year.

The people involved in urban art decisions have no background or historical artistic training to make those decisions as they have shown us over the years.

Maria Rodriguez

Downtown El Paso

The deportation of veterans is terrifying

Dear President Joe Biden, Former US Army Captain, I am shocked that our government is deporting US veterans, as stated in an article in the El Paso Times on May 5. On behalf of Mike Evans, an honorable U.S. Marine deported to Mexico and now living in Juarez, and many other U.S. military veterans, he investigated their plight and did compassionate things. You’re welcome. Evans has an 80-year-old mother in the United States and cannot visit her.

Your member,

Leandro González

Northeast of El Paso

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Protest against increased real estate valuations

I am surprised that only 22,000 property owners have spoken out against the exorbitant property appreciation by the city appraisers. Inflation has harmed everyone, even the richest. The increase in costs will gradually decrease for everyone.

Please wait for the shouting of the landlord and the business owner. All faced the increased costs imposed by the Central Assessment District. Now call El Paso, state and city officials and complain. The cities that benefit the most from these pay increases will pay more for everything. Protest!

Alex Harrison

East El Paso

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Leave the property owner alone

Therefore, the CEO of El Paso Electric reacts “sensitively” to the timing of an interest rate hike of 13.4% for private customers. How big is Kelly Tomblin? I think CAD agrees to raise property tax by 10 to 20%. (25,000 protests and censuses). The school district also regrets the tax increase. The police and fire brigade are afraid to increase their share so that they can cover their lifelong pension after 20 years of service. The water board agrees that we need to increase the committee’s fees to cover the rainwater problem. Community colleges are in trouble and need more because the pandemic has hurt them.

Gasoline prices have to rise to repair broken infrastructure. Food, wood and property prices rise as we have to give more to those who do not want to find work. Property owners need significantly less sympathy and empathy for these people and “just leave us alone”. Venezuela, I am here.

John Ferguson

East El Paso

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The Sun Metro Lift surge is catastrophic

Did you know that Sun Metro’s public paratransit bus service is proposing a 60% fare increase? Maybe you don’t have a car in the elevator. What if the car payment for a car I already drive increases by 60%? If the monthly payments for your car suddenly go from $ 300 per month to $ 480 per month, how do you absorb the monthly budget increase? Imagine you are like me and live on bonds. My monthly income is way below that.

The proposal to increase the fare by 60% devastates me, destroys almost everyone else in the elevator, and I have to reduce my trips. If you find the 60% fare increase unfair, we recommend emailing Sun Metro from the following website: or calling 915-212-3333. Ultimately, the city council and the mayor, who make up the public transport board, decide. We encourage you to contact Mayor Oscar Leeser and city officials and give them your vote in public comments at city council meetings.

Brandon Le Master

East El Paso

Inadequate collision investigation by the police

I was hit while riding my motorcycle on Zaragoza Road on Mother’s Day morning. It was a shock to me that the woman who hit me wasn’t negligent. This is the standard police tactic in El Paso. It was the biker’s fault that he was hit in the back. Get accident investigation training from the police. They completely ignored all the facts.

David Terio

East El Paso

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