Protests across Spain against job cuts at BBVAVA



BBVA headquarters in Madrid. Luis García, CC BY-SA 3.0 ES, via Wikimedia Commons

BBVA workers took to the streets across Spain yesterday, May 10, to protest the downsizing.

BBVA workers took to the streets across Spain yesterday, May 10, to protest the downsizing, reports the Majorca Daily Bulletin. Hundreds took part in the protest against the country’s second largest bank, which is cutting around 16 percent of its staff. Last month, BBVA announced its plans to cut 3,000 jobs and also close nearly a quarter of its branches as customers switch to online banking.

Protests in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and a few smaller towns as far as Gran Canaria and Mallorca follow government demands to cut top bankers’ wages as the sector plans layoffs.

The Comisiones Obreras union, which called for the protests on Monday, said 6,000 people took part.

Ana Maria Rodriguez, a protester in central Madrid, has been employed by the BBVA for five years and marched with her three-year-old daughter in a stroller because she could not afford a babysitter.

Anna said: “We have come to defend our jobs because behind every number there is a family.”

“We are not just numbers, we are people and we have all come to fight for what we are, for our work.”

Caixabank, Spain’s largest domestic bank after buying Bankia, announced plans last month to cut around 8,000 jobs – one of the largest downsizing in the country’s history.

Five Spanish lenders have announced almost 18,000 job cuts since late October last year, with more to be expected.

Despite the financial crisis in 2008, Spain has one of the largest banking networks in the world, with almost 50 branches per 100,000 adults. However, the number of bank employees has decreased by almost 35 percent compared to December 2019, according to the Bank of Spain.



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