Project focus: Mexican bridge projects in the early stages


The interest in bridge infrastructures has risen sharplyIn the middle of the collapse of a flyover from Mexico City Metro Line # 12, killed 26 and injured 80.

The overpass collapsed May and had been in service for less than a decade while the Mexican College of Civil Engineering raised a system-wide review of all metro Sections.

BNamericas’ Project database traces four large bridge projects in Mexico with an investment volume of around 56 to 410 million US dollars.

Source: BNamericas Projects Database

Bridge over the Nichupté lagoon

Capital cost: $ 235 million
Phase: preparation of the tender documents
Owner: Agepro
Affiliated companies: Fonatur (financing / regulation), Grupo Adma (financial advice), Controladora de Operaciones de Infraestructura (project proposal preparation)

The bridge is designed to help relieve traffic in Cancun’s overcrowded hotel zone and is considered the most important project under development in Mexico. The PPP represents a potential investment of 4 to 4.5 billion pesos (200 to 235 million US dollars) and is expected to create 6,000 direct jobs.

The 8.6 km long bridge will cross Nichupté Lagoon on the leeward side of Cancun’s hotel district and complement the $ 7.5 billion Mayan train that connects Kukulkán Boulevard, Avenida Bonampak and downtown Cancun.

It will provide an alternative access route to the other side of the hotel zone and also facilitate traffic from the airport. A cycle path as a tourist-friendly addition to the Translagoon connector is also being considered.

A tender was expected in March, but the slow funding from the Fontatur tourism development agency is apparently causing delays.

Still, the project counts with strong government support. Finance Minister Arturo Herrera said in early April that despite the delay, “the most important decision we are making is this [project] will go forward. “

That bridge is the first, but not the only one of. proposed PPP Quintana Roo state strategic project agency Agepro. Other proposals by the agency include an urban transport system worth 32.9 billion pesos, a tourist rail link between Cancun and Tulum andd the Expansion of the federal highway 307 in between Tulum and Bacalar.

Bojórquez lagoon bridge

Capital cost: $ 55.9 million
Phase: early design and engineering
Owner: Ministry of Communications and Transport SCT
Affiliated companies: Fondatur (financing); Architecture department of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (engineering); Cal y Mayor y Asociados (advice); Grupo Pentano (environmental study)

The Bojórquez Bridge is also intended to relieve traffic around Cancún.

Source: BNamericas Projects Database

The project includes a four-lane bridge 5 m above water level that crosses the Bojórquez lagoon east of the city.

The Bojórquez lagoon is smaller than Nichupté, but is almost completely enclosed due to a sand barrier that delimits the rest of the lagoon network.

Río de la Piedad viaduct vehicle bridge – incorporation into Ignacio Zaragoza (Zaragoza high viaduct)

Capital cost: $ 368 million
Project phase: tender
Owner: Mexico City Factory and Services Division

This project is an important undertaking for the capital city administration and will be subject to further scrutiny following the recent collapse of the underground overpass.

The tender for the planning, construction and operation of a 12.7 km long elevated road over the Boulevard Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza has already been published. Bids can be submitted until June 17th and tThe winner will be announced on July 27th, according to the announcement calendar.

The bridge is intended to increase the traffic capacity on an important traffic artery to the east of the city.

On March 8, the Mexico City Department of Administration and Treasury organized a meeting to answer questions about the tender, but details of the participants and topics discussed were not disclosed.

The bridge begins at the Río Piedad viaduct in the city center and connects to the busy highway that leads to Puebla in the state of Puebla.

The area along the Zaragoza connection is exposed to heavy rainfall and flooding, which must be taken into account when planning the bridge.

Nuevo Laredo 4/5 international bridge

Investment cost: $ 410 million
Project phase: early design and engineering
Owner: Nuevo Laredo Government; Webb County, Texas
Affiliated companies: S&B Infrastructure (Environmental Studies and Basic Engineering (FEED)), Caxcan (Basic Engineering (FEED)), CNN Engineering (Basic Engineering (FEED)), Agencia Aduanal GEMCO, Cal y Mayor y Asociados, SC (Basic Engineering (ZUFUHR ))

The project represents a major addition to one of the world’s busiest border crossing hubs – a fifth bridge connecting Laredo, Texas, to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

Supporters propose a bridge at the entrance to the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo motorway, which would be intended for cargo, light vehicles and pedestrians.

Proponents claim the bridge is needed because the other crossings have already exceeded capacity.

Engineering and environmental studies to determine bridge length and type are being carried out on the Mexican and US sides and are expected to be completed by mid-year.

The tender could start separately in Mexico and the United States in late 2021 or early 2022. Construction would begin in 2023 and be completed in 2024, Francisco Márquez, deputy managing director of GEMCO Customs Agency, told BNamericas.


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