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Updated on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 14:43

The operator offers a connection in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza that multiplies the generalized 300 Mbit / s or 1 Gbit / s by at least 10. Only Digi can offer that much speed.

Jean-Franois Fallacher, CEO of Orange Espaa.EM

Orange is introducing a fiber optic network that significantly outperforms that of its main competitors, Telefnica, Vodafone and MsMvil. It’s about speed, more precisely 10 gigabits per second. “We will multiply the speed of the market by 10”, summarizes Diego Martnez, General Director of the operator’s Residential Business, at the request of EL MUNDO. In fact, connections with 300 Mbit / s or, in the best case, 1 Gbit / s are common in Spanish households.

These 10 Gbit / s, which are currently being marketed, are supported by an XGSPON-like network that is accessible to both private and business customers. The data is symmetrical, meaning navigation down and up in the information. The deployment begins in five major urban centers: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. “The coverage will gradually be expanded with the use of this technology,” the company said.

With the operator based in France, they are aware of the differentiation from competitors such as Telefnica and Vodafone, but they also know that sooner or later 10 Gbit / s could be found in the range of competing offers; It is “a limited time window” in the words of Martnez, who was consulted by this newspaper in the presentation this Tuesday, led by the CEO of Orange Spain, Jean-Franois Fallacher.

Actually, Digi already presented this month a fiber optic service at the same symmetrical speed. At Orange, they claim their business goes further and includes other aspects of connectivity, with “greater coverage than Digi, global, fiber and also 5G,” the new cellular network. That combination of data at home and on cellphone would set it apart from Digi, which ranks second with large operators but is undeniably strong.

The jump to 10 Gbps means for the consumer that “if the child downloads the latest update of the PlayStation, the video conference” of his father will not suffer, as Martnez explained at the company’s headquarters in Madrid. In fact, this very speed is not achieved, since about 13% of the speed is devoted to correcting errors. Therefore, the actual peaks remain below 9 Gbit / s.

The price for this significant leap in speed is 10 euros increased at the price of packages such as Love Total Plus (2 lines, Netflix and football, for 100 euros) or Love Total Plus 4 (with 4 lines for 130 euros). So by contracting 10 Gbps, these packets become convergent costs 120 euros and 140, respectively.

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