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Oaxaca prosecutors said they received the link to the trial of a man who seized property in San Felipe del Agua in the state capital.

OAXACA.- After the modus operandi of the “Cartel del Despojo” in Oaxaca, which was linked to the murder of a judge, a PAN candidate and an election finance officer, was exposed, he was arrested and faced with a trial against ARM (Mendiola) C ., probably responsible for the crime of expropriation by confiscation of a property in San Felipe del Agua in that capital.

In a statement, the Oaxaca Attorney General’s Office stressed that it had received an order linking the trial of ARMC, believed to be responsible for the crime of expropriation against GOS property, committed in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez, in the Valles region Centrales was committed.

According to investigation file 8343/FVCE/OAXACA/2022, the defendant likely attempted to forcibly seize a property at the San Felipe del Agua Agency in the Oaxacan capital.

Following the victim’s complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office intervened and initiated the relevant investigation through the Directorate of Preliminary Investigations and Proceedings, which managed to establish the probable involvement of the accused, against whom an arrest warrant was executed.

After the arrest, ARMC was brought before the competent judge, who decided to include him in the trial, take precautionary measures and allow four months for the supplementary investigation to be completed.

On September 15, Federal Undersecretary for Public Safety Ricardo Mejía Berdeja revealed the manner in which property expropriation is being carried out in Oaxaca, where “criminal groups, managers or leaders are involved in this property expropriation operation, who, in collusion with state officials, commit crimes such as physical violence, extortion, threats and even death in order to confiscate said property.”

According to the Oaxaca public prosecutor’s office, a total of 1,467 investigation folders were integrated between March 2021 and July 2022, of which 213 expropriation folders relate to the forgery of notarial deeds.

Even, he added, some murders such as the cases of the candidate for the municipal council of Ocotlán de Morelos, Ivonne Gallegos Carreño; Administrative Court Judge Enrique Pacheco Martínez and Doctor Carlos Eduardo López Martínez, who was the operator of governor-elect Salomón Jara Cruz and was executed in Juchitán de Zaragoza, “have evidence of expropriation of property.”

one of the cases

Portal Redacción mentioned that A. Mendiola and her family have investigative portfolios of at least seven families in the Costa region, including the case of Adriana Ricárdez Hofmann, who shared her testimony and verified what they lived:

“It all started in 2008 when the Mendiola Cotiers and an attorney representing them visited the Municipal Property Commissioner’s Office of San Pedro Pochutla, Oaxaca, arguing that they owned a property in Playa Panteón that was actually mine came from family over 40 years ago.

“The Mendiolas claimed to have no original documents, more than what they claim to be proof from their father, and only notarized copies (that’s their policy, they certify manipulated copies with notaries because the original documents don’t exist).

“We present all documentation that demonstrates our peaceful and continuous ownership for more than 40 years, supported by all of our neighbors and the community.

“Months later, his lawyer appeared with a group of armed people. They brought metal bars and posts, pretended to enclose the property, threatened my mother and father with handguns, clubs and machetes, including two armed with goat horns who, without identification, claimed to be part of the state minister’s police force. We have photos of that.

“When they realized that something very bad was happening, all the residents of the Playa Panteón neighborhood reacted and immediately came to arrest them, as did the representative of the Puerto Ángel agency. In the presence of the community representative and already surrounded, these people were told to back off and leave the sole and rightful owners of the said property alone.

“In the following days, the Mendiola Cottiers, using the same apocryphal documents, will file another lawsuit against Acapulquillo, a neighboring cove, where six other families intend to dispossess their lands and homes, for which a meeting will be called at the municipal authority , where in turn the President of the Commissariat, Jesús Reyes, informs them at this moment that their documents are false and will not be recognized by said administration.”

Source: processo.com.mx

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