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‘The View’: Meghan McCain hits Whoopi for cutting them off to break

Meghan McCain was particularly excited about Monday’s episode of “The View”. So much so that Whoopi Goldberg had to cut off McCain’s ranting to go on commercial break. And for that, McCain yelled right at her co-host. To kick off the “Hot Topics” segment of the episode, the women’s group discussed the latest anti-Semitic words from Marjorie Taylor Greene, who compared treating people who no longer want to wear masks to treating Jews during the Holocaust. While “The View” moderators unanimously condemned Greene’s comments, Meghan asked McCain why they came up as a “hot topic” this week when she tried to discuss the recent surge in hate crimes against Jews last week. “It all happened last week,” McCain said after listing a number of reported crimes. “I would love if the energy put on a mad woman in Congress – and, by the way, if she’s the face of the Republicans, the cadre is the face of the Democrats – I would love it if Democrats did the same.” Kind of energy on what’s going on on the left because honestly people get red pilled that way. “McCain then got into a long discussion of what she calls” obvious media bias, “which focuses only on Republican mistakes and not on both sides. She added that anti-Semitism is “a big problem all over this country” to start another anecdote. At this point, Whoopi McCain agreed, but had to verbally cut them to take a commercial break. To make this clear, Whoopi stated they were going to break, but when they got back McCain was able to put an end to her thoughts. “Why are you cutting me off?” McCain yelled at her co-host. “I’m cutting you off because we have to go, Meghan! Why do I cut you off? “Whoopi shot back. In fact, when the show returned from its commercial break, McCain cut its guts and heated up again when Whoopi argued that Rep. Ilhan Omar had been called in in the past for her own problematic comments that McCain alleged Read the original story ‘The View’: Meghan McCain hits Whoopi for cutting her off to break at TheWrap


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