Motril wants to pay off local government debt



Motril wants to pay off local government debt

Motril will receive a sizeable budget in 2022 that will pay off municipal debt.

Motril has come up with the most ambitious bills in the community’s history, with a spending of € 56,077,461.95 to place a strong and bold bet to fuel key economic, social and urban developments and keep the community debt to zero.

Mayor Luisa Maria Garcia Chamorro publicly congratulated Deputy Mayor for Economy and Finance Nicolas Navarro Diaz “on his persistence, his commitment and his exemplary work to lead the overall consensus in all areas and to implement a realistic and very ambitious document for Motril.”

Garcia Chamorro has highlighted “the important social commitment that the most needy citizens do not forget. This reason has the government that I’m in the chair to keep them in mind since the pandemic broke out. In addition, for us it is not ‘social spending’, but the best investment that can be made, because people come first and always will. “

“We are focusing on the San Luis Residence and are banking on something that we have fought for, the tax cut in the city. This is our timetable, ”said the mayor.

Navarro Diaz said this is “one of the first large municipalities in all of Spain to settle its municipal debt and next year it will zero the score”.

This is “a historic achievement, the result of serious work and a firm commitment to the future of Motrileños,” he continued.

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