Most of the fire contained near El Cenizo on the Mexican side


Photo by Jorge A. Vela

When the Nuevo Laredo fires reached the Rio Grande on Wednesday and moved closer to El Cenizo, the Rio Bravo municipal government quickly followed developments in the area, coordinating with the El Cenizo Volunteer Fire Department and departments in Webb County and Zapata District.

Just like the leaders of El Cenizo, Rio Bravo City Commissioner Amanda Aguero reported Thursday that the situation was under control and that the fire caused by burning in junkyards in Nuevo Laredo had almost completely disappeared from the area be. The Commissioner thanked the efforts of the various volunteer firefighters in the area, as most of them are entirely volunteer personnel.

“I am so humble to work with amazing, great people who are risking their lives to protect our cities. Thank you, ”said Aguero.

The situation started at 10 a.m. on Wednesday and continued to escalate as the fires continued to spread across the area. However, only one fire reached the American side of the border near El Cenizo and it was quickly contained.

Although most of the current fires are near the riverbank near El Cenizo, several others have briefly crossed the border into the Hereford Ranch area, which borders the south side of El Cenizo. However, the fire was quickly stopped by members of the El Cenizo Fire Department. Since then, and throughout Wednesday night, members of the Webb County Fire Department have also arrived to keep the situation under control.

Salvador Hernandez, City Commissioner of El Cenizo, thanked the continued efforts of the local firefighters.

“(Thanks to) the El Cenizo and Rio Bravo volunteer fire departments for participating in the call for private property,” said Hernandez. “The ECVFD has been on standby since 5 p.m. and is monitoring the area in the event that the fire continues.”

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