Mistress, who was sued by ex-lover over a $ 2 million “loan”, says he proposed marriage after a month



Singapore – On the third day of the lawsuit in which a businessman is suing his former lover for over S $ 2 million, the lover took the stand and told how the businessman had promised to be with her for life a month after her death care had become sexually intimate.

The businessman says the money is a loan, while the mistress claims it was a gift.

Angelina Jiang told the court that Toh Eng Tiah proposed marriage to her at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and promised to look after her less than a month after the first sexual relationship.

When Mr. Toh’s attorney Anthony Lee said it was unlikely that a man in his fifties would make such promises in such a short period of time and accused her of lying, she said that he claimed to have stomach cancer and that he wanted to enjoy life to the fullest while he still could.

She added, “He wanted a happy life with me, I was the woman in his heart,” she said.

The couple met in November 2016 when Mr. Toh reached out to Ms. Jiang, a real estate agent, on a business matter. They began a relationship, and between December 2016 and January 2017, Mr. Toh gave Ms. Jiang a total of S $ 2 million.

He has since asked her to return the money but she claims it was a gift while he said it was a loan.

The court heard that on December 19, 2016, Mr. Toh signed a contract for a loan of S $ 200,000 to Ms. Jiang for the purpose of buying a property. But that was the day they had sex for the first time, according to Ms. Jiang, whereupon he broke the agreement and told her the loan was canceled.

On January 12th, while she and Mr. Toh were in the temple, he promised to buy her a house and help her.

Mr. Lee cross-examined Ms. Jiang to portray her as a money fixture, which her lawyer Mahesh Rai refused.

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The presiding judge, Andrew Ang, told the court that it was important to determine whether the money Mr. Toh gave to Ms. Jiang was a gift or a loan.

Mr. Lee asked Ms. Jiang about her financial condition and said that her reported income of S $ 8,000 per month in 2016 could not have matched her reported income of S $ 700,000.

He implied that she had overstated the amount she wanted to get loans from banks so she could buy more real estate.

The court heard that in December 2016 she owed several banks an amount of S $ 675,000 due to unsecured loans.

At the hearing, Mr. Toh’s wife, Chong Lee Yee, testified on her husband’s behalf. She discovered in March 2017 that her husband had given Ms. Jiang money, and then asked him to request repayment.

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She told the court, “I told my husband that this woman was out to cheat on you.”

Ms. Chong showed photos of chat messages between the former lovers that she had taken without her knowledge. Some of them, she told the court, contained photos of Ms. Jiang naked, but the judge said she did not need to show the pictures. – / TISG

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