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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food signed four agreements in Huesca this Thursday through the public instrumental company Seiasa -Society Mercantil Estatal de Infraestructuras Agrarias-, through which it will finance the modernization of irrigation works in the province of Huesca worth 82,086,835 euros will.

The measures will collectively affect 12,745 hectares, mainly used for maize, alfalfa and winter cereals, and benefit 1,424 irrigation companies.

The President of Seiasa, Francisco Rodríguez Mulero, signed the relevant agreements with the President of the Irrigation Communes of the 1st Section of Collarada, Saúl Gracia Villacampa; Santa Ana, Pedro Carlos Revuelta Monesma; Grañén-Flumen, Carlos Alayeto Mur; Almuniente, Basilio Pardo Biarge; and Molinar del Flumen, José Ángel Lample.

The signing ceremony was also attended by the sub-delegate of the government in Huesca, Silvia Salazar Altemir, the Director General for Rural Development of the Government of Aragon, Jesús Nogués Navarro and the President of Riegos del Alto Aragón, César Trillo Guardia, a system to which the signatory communities of the Agreement.

The “regulatory agreement for the financing, construction and use of irrigation modernization of the community of irrigation systems Collarada 1st Section (Huesca)” enables financing measures worth 24,986,500 euros with the aim of a deteriorated system of surface irrigation with concrete channels and ditches in a pressure irrigation system with underground pipes.

The measures, from which a total of 350 irrigation companies will benefit, envisage dividing the irrigable area of ​​2,909 hectares, which is distributed in the municipalities of Robres, Almuniente and Senés de Alcubierre, into two areas.

Each of them will have an inlet in the Monegros Canal, a regulation basin, a pumping station, another high basin and two photovoltaic solar parks. The distribution pipe network is completed with a remote irrigation system.

Holy Ana
The “Regulatory Agreement for the Financing, Construction and Use of Irrigation Modernizations in the Irrigation Community of Santa Ana (Huesca)” worth 24,708,635 euros enables the comprehensive modernization of the irrigable area and replaces the deteriorated existing network of ditches and canals with one new and efficient pressure irrigation system with pipes.

The planned measures include the implementation of an inlet in the Monegros Canal, a regulation basin, a pumping station and two high basins. All of this is completed with the pipe network to the property, a remote control for the irrigation and a photovoltaic solar park.

The work covers 2,654 hectares in the municipalities of Almuniente, Senés de Alcubierre, Tardienta, Torralba de Aragón and Torres de Barbúes and benefits 273 irrigation systems.

The measures covered by the “Regulatory Agreement for the Financing, Construction and Use of Irrigation Modernization Works for the Regantes Grañén-Flumen and Almuniente (Huesca) community. Remaining phases ”worth 21,864,700 euros will affect 3,539 hectares in the municipalities of Grañén and Almuniente and 450 irrigation systems will benefit.

The work includes a major modernization of the irrigable area, replacing the current foot irrigation system with a pressurized irrigation system. The implementation of a complete pipeline network, regulation basin, pumping station, tertiary networks, electrical connection and remote irrigation control is also being considered.

Molinar del Flumen
The “Regulatory Agreement for the Financing, Construction and Use of the Irrigation Modernization Works of the Molinar del Flumen Irrigation Community (Huesca). Phase III “, is endowed with 10,527,000 euros and enables the construction of a pond with a survey area, which completes the rest of the measures previously carried out in the irrigated area of ​​this irrigation community and improves the energy optimization of the system.

The new infrastructures cover an area of ​​3,643 hectares in the municipalities of Almudévar, Tardienta and Sangarrén and benefit 351 irrigation systems.

Recovery plan
On the other hand, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, also through the public instrumental company Seiasa, supports two irrigation modernization projects in Huesca and Zaragoza as part of the “Plan to improve the efficiency and sustainability of irrigation” from the Plan for Reconstruction, Transformation and Resilience of the Spanish Economy , Phase I.

To this end, the President of Seiasa held a working meeting this Wednesday in Zaragoza with representatives of the irrigation communities that are the subject of the actions in order to take the necessary steps to start this modernization work.

Both projects aim to improve energy and water efficiency as well as the structural modernization of irrigation systems with a total value of 35,510,000 euros – excluding VAT.

The Irrigation Community, which was formed after the merger of the Irrigation Community NV of Los Riegos de Bárdenas and the Irrigation Community of Río Riguel, has planned the action “Comprehensive modernization project of the Irrigation Community NV of Los Riegos de Bárdenas (Zone 1) (Zaragoza)”. , with a budget of 26,500,000 euros – excluding VAT.

The “Project for a pumping station, an electrical project and a remote control system for energy efficiency in the irrigable area on the right bank of the Flumen river in the Molinar del Flumen (Huesca) irrigation community” will have 9,010,000 euros (excluding VAT) -.

The investments of the “Plan for Improving Efficiency and Sustainability in Irrigation” are public-private in nature. The contribution of the remediation, transformation and resilience plan is a maximum of 80 percent of the costs of the eligible expenses, while the municipalities of the irrigation systems and users who are the subject of the action contribute the rest.

In Aragon, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has completed a total of 38 irrigation modernization measures via Seiasa, 36 of which have been completed, assuming an investment of 272.9 million euros, affecting an irrigated area of ​​63,659 hectares and benefiting 7,063 irrigation systems.


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